My Mission

To help every woman reclaim herself and use her intrinsic power to create more wealth, success, impact & freedom.

[ This is how we dismantle the patriarchy & change the world. ]

How I actively

work towards my mission!

[my process]

I work on myself & practice
what I preach.

[my method]

I constantly evolve my business
to embody this mission

[my activism]

I stand up to the patriarchy & its
sexist, racist systems


Women Supported
to thrive


Years in Business


Daughters Inspiring

Who am I?

I am a teacher, facilitator, speaker and guide.
I am also a mother, wife, activist and champion for women.

I have been in the trenches with women for the last two decades working with them hands-on through coaching, events, partnerships and programs. I have created and participated in hundreds of communities that serve women.

[I bring my embodied experiences to my work from]


37 years of self-development work (I read my first self-help book at nine)


21 years as an entrepreneur & founder of a branding agency, wellness center & coworking space, and my long-time coaching business.


19 years as both a single parent & a joint parent of feisty daughters (2 full-time + 1 part-time)


My study (both in University & after) of business, psychology, spirituality, women’s studies, racism & white privilege, marketing, sales and work/life balance.


Surviving my parent’s divorce, rape, my ex-husband’s drug addiction & suicide, losing everything, being a single parent while running multiple businesses, moving to a new country and let’s be real, the pandemic.

I have learned strategies, perspectives & solutions that specifically serve women, not from a masculine framework, but from a balanced framework that embraces our feminine power, gifts and wisdom.

The Truth I Have Uncovered…


& the world needs your intrinsic gifts, wisdom and power.

Intrinsic means essential and natural. It is the part of us that we were born with. 

This intrinsic self doesn’t need to earn anything. It doesn’t need to do something to be worthy. It doesn’t require approval or recognition by anyone but you. It doesn’t need more degrees, more experience, more proof that it is valuable.

You already have everything you need to succeed.  

We don’t need to be MORE, we need to shed what doesn’t serve our intrinsic self. We need to remove what is misaligned & stop striving for someone else’s desires, dreams and goals.  

For many of us, we have lost connection to our essential self and this is why the first step to creating wealth, success, freedom and impact is reclaiming our lost self.  

This is why I am building The Collective, coming in 2021. It is time for women to reclaim themselves & lead the world. 

The  Worthy Women Collective:

[its mission]

To help women learn how to intrinsically lead so they can redistribute wealth, power, and equity (i.e, so they can change the world)

[its promise]

To transform the way you see yourself and the world. This shift in perspective will produce more wealth, more success and more freedom in your personal life, work & business.

[its core foundation]

Before we can lead, we have to reclaim our intrinsic gifts, power & worthiness.

[its vibe]

Deep, reflective and empowering. A group of like-minded women to relate to.

A few words from women I have had the honor of working with

All women should work with Sonya! She has this magical way of helping women navigate modern life and all of the current uncertainty. It’s an understatement to say that her work has transformed my life. Sonya has helped me come to a place where I can trust in my power and believe in myself to create a life that I love.

Carolyn McCall

Founder, The Little Project Management Company

Before I started the program, I was not enjoying my work and had I continued to work the way I was, I might have just given up on my business and gone back to being an employee. I now have clarity of what my value is. I can choose to work with the people who value what I do, and how I can best provide for my clients without burning myself out.

Jamie Walsh

Naturopath, & Clinical Nutritionist for Women

After working with Sonya, I am now far more aware of what success means to me and what I am looking for in business and life. I have a very clear picture of what I am working towards – it is not working 24/7, it’s a balanced life where work is not even work to me: it equates to purpose. For me, the personal transformation has been immeasurable.

Sarah Cannata

Writer, Storyteller & Mentor

Why I work with

Reluctant Leaders

There are plenty of groups for women who embrace leadership, love the limelight and are desperate to be seen. This is not my group. 

My group loves to hide behind the scenes. They want to have impact and they want to be relevant, but not for their ego or greed. Their desire to lead is intrinsically motivated by their desire for change. 

Their reluctance to lead is rooted in their struggle with the traditional, masculine frameworks around leadership. They have tried to succeed within these frameworks and found themselves in burnout, compromising too much of their integrity or so misaligned that nothing works. 

What they haven’t known is a way to lead that aligns with their mission, integrity & values…read more

Why I teach

Intrinsic Leadership

Intrinsic leadership means to embody moral and ethical courage by being true to one’s essential self without compromise. 

It is leadership that operates from the inside out. By embodying your essential self, your vibration naturally attracts and influences. 

It is rooted in power with rather than power over and breaks free from the traditional, masculine leadership model of manipulation, force and control. 

It means operating in alignment with who we really are instead of wasting so much energy trying to operate like someone else. 

Intrinsic leadership is a path to more personal wealth, to more business success, to more joy, happiness and freedom. I have seen this in the thousands of women I have worked with over the last 20 years…read more

Two very important values we need to see eye-to-eye on

Being committed to anti-racism

Being aligned with ethical marketing.

Six events that changed my life & helped me

reclaim myself.

Leaving my first job & becoming an entrepreneur

How I reclaimed myself: I left a sexist environment & took my life, wealth & work into my own hands. Taking back my power.

Watching my life burn to the ground

How I reclaimed myself: I lost everything and rose from the ashes to find myself again.

Creating a new way of working for women

How I reclaimed myself: I found my calling – teaching a feminine way to lead & do business. I also created the first work/life balance center in the world. 

Finding my soulmate & moving across the world

How I reclaimed myself: I created several lifelong dreams and found my place as a global citizen.

The death of my mom, reclaiming of my rape & a TEdx talk

How I reclaimed myself: I found healing in telling my story and beauty in grieving the loss of my mother.  

Retiring my husband, going nomadic & finding home again

How I reclaimed myself: I created freedom for my family & after traveling around for a year landed back in Austin, Texas

Best ways to connect with me and my work


EP 24: You Can ALWAYS Change Your Mind

EP 24: You Can ALWAYS Change Your Mind

In this episode I’m pulling back the curtain on the changes I’ve made to my podcast & business over the last year. We’ll talk about what’s worked, what hasn’t, and what I’m changing for the future!

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Business growth is cyclical, not linear

Business growth is cyclical, not linear

I have learned over the years that business growth is cyclical, not linear! Why is this important, because many women are holding themselves to standards of business growth that are unreasonable, unobtainable or an illusion. When we hold ourselves to unrealistic...

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