Business Micro-Groups

for women who want a clear & focused plan for business growth

A broad, undefined business, target market or marketing plan…


…leads to limited success, struggle, and burnout. After a struggle with worthiness, the primary cause of business struggles is a lack of clarity, focus, and definition.

This is true for ALL stages of business, from just deciding what business you want to start, to having a successful business that you are trying to scale.

For the last two decades, I have helped thousands of women focus, get clarity and define their business for the next stage of success.

When your business is CLEAR & FOCUSED:

  • You can have balance AND financial freedom
  • You spend less effort for more return
  • You can clearly communicate your value & message
  • You know exactly where to put your attention to get where you want to go
  • You know what you want and can feel the path that will take you there
  • You know who you are talking to & the message that will reach them
  • You can scale & grow effectively 

A successful business requires FOCUS.

[Without focus you give up freedom, money & sanity]

Welcome to my micro-group program

Housed within the Worthy Women Collective is a four-month, focused business program that brings you together with 4-8 other women (your personal micro-group) to get the clarity, focus & definition you need right now.

No matter your stage, this micro-group program will give you the support & boost you need to get to your next level.

Sometimes that next level is about income and clients and sometimes that next level is about joy and freedom. I align your goals with the micro-group I think you will get the most results from. All groups are curated through my 20+ years of experience working with women in business.


[A foundational & focused business program for any stage of business]

Focus & clarity for every stage of business:

"I don't have a business yet, but I want to do this right"


This program helps you:

  • Determine what you want so your business is aligned with your desire
  • Design your initial business model
  • Clarify who you want to work with and how you want to work with them
  • Take all the tools in your toolbox (experience, education, strengths) and create one specific service
  • Get the foundation you need to launch

"I have a business, but I'm still struggling with clarity!"


This program helps you:

  • Get grounded in your why and vision so you don’t lose your way
  • Move from a broad target market & offer to a more focused business model
  • Clarify what you should be doing that will get you the most results
  • Learn to easily test what works & what doesn’t work to reach your ideal clients
  • Design a streamlined sales process & ONE flagship marketing channel (No more doing all the things)

"I love my business but I need more clients!"


This program helps you:

  • Refine your why and vision to ensure they are fully aligned with your business
  • Get more specific about your lane & genius so you can do what you love & call in the perfect clients
  • Focus your target market, offer and message so it is clearly reaching & converting your ideal clients
  • Streamline your sales process and marketing strategy so you get the most results from your effort (and keep sanity too)

"I'm booked solid, but I need more time and capacity"


This program helps you:

  • Create a new vision that aligns with the life and business you want
  • Get more clarity around what you should be doing in your business based on your strengths & genius
  • Re-design your business model so you can scale (leverage your time)
  • Focus your foundations to align with your goals whether you want more time, more alignment or more clients (or all 3)
  • Operate a business you love without burnout or limitation

Focus is freedom!


[ Focus does not limit you, it frees you to be who you are! ]


Many women struggle to focus not just their attention, but their business, too.

They are afraid that focusing will limit their creativity, opportunity, self-expression, money and so much more.

But focus is the key to freedom! The more clear and focused you are, the more freedom and success you have in your business. Period.

When your focus is aligned with your innate skills, inherent worthiness and core desires, you ensure that ALL of your attention, effort and bandwidth is channeled into one aligned purpose. This is the ONLY way I teach business, and trust me, it is transformative. 

If you have struggled to find freedom (including financial freedom) it is because you don’t have focus.

A few words from my clients:

After Sonya’s program, I now know I have a sustainable business that I can grow and scale. As soon as you have that solid foundation you have the confidence, knowledge, and validation to know that what you are ‘selling’ is needed. You know exactly who to market it to and how to successfully and impactfully talk about your business. All the hoping and guessing and trying too many things is a thing of the past. You know what works!

Kathryn Stoneman

Founder, A Mindful Start

When I started working with Sonya, I was like a lot of business owners: trying to do everything, be everything for everyone, and hitting capacity and burnout. After the program, I felt more confident. I could attract clients very easily. And I knew how to serve them better and better as I went along. I kept streamlining and growing. It’s been pretty amazing! 


Lisa Byrne

E-commerce, Marketing Coach for Women

Within my first conversation with Sonya, she uncovered my need to let go of two employees and to refocus on what makes me happy and thrive in running my own packaging and branding studio. Within one month, I made great strides on focusing on my core capabilities, as well as being able to define what works and doesn’t work within my current business process. The value of working with Sonya is absolutely there and the experience was extremely rewarding.

Alison P. Sauter

Founder and Creative Director, Shelf Studio

What is included in the program?

[ How you will access me and my work ]

[Click an icon to learn more]

Focused 4-month
Training Program

Curated Small
Group (4-8)

Group Coaching
& 1:1 Sessions

Membership in the
Worthy Women Collective

Focused Plans &
Time Guides

This is not just another online program!

I facilitate and guide the process based on my 20+ years of experience & wisdom. I am intimately involved in the community and every aspect of the program. You are fully supported!

Focused 4-Month Training Program




I have streamlined my very successful 6-month coaching program into 4 focused months.

Each month covers a foundational component to business success based on my work with thousands of women.

Your training is customized to your business stage but ALL 4 components are important to get to the next level of success.

Month 1: We cover your core desire & vision. You determine or refine your Why and the core of your business

Month 2: We look at your strengths, genius & wisdom. I want to ensure you are staying in your lane and aligning your business to what is sustainable for you

Month 3: We design or re-design your foundation: business model, customer journey, target market, services, message and pricing

Month 4: We focus on business growth, including sales & marketing. You will decide on 1 marketing channel to focus your efforts for a more streamlined & successful business

This is a time-tested & proven program.

4 months of focused learning

Access to training on any device

Listen to the trainings at times that work for you

Curated Small Group (4-8 women)




Having a micro-group is one of the key pieces to this program’s success. I curate each group based on business stage, goals and my long-term experience.

Your micro-group will have its own private space within my main community (Worthy Women Collective).

You will have your own events calendar, feed for posts, group chat & a space to ask questions. These will be your accountability partners and all of you will be working through the same lessons.

An empowering, micro-community of women

Max of 8 women in a group

Curated to your stage of business & goals

Your own private group space (not on Facebook)

Group Coaching & 1:1 Sesssions




Part of the reason this program is so successful is the coaching support.

After coaching thousands of women over the last 20 years, I have seen my fair share of businesses, struggles and circumstances. I can help you navigate anything!

Each month you get access to my coaching in the following ways:

One 90-minute mastermind with your micro-group facilitated by me

One 30-minute 1:1 coaching with me

Access to me via direct message and email

Membership in the Worthy Women Collective




This program is beautifully housed within my main paid community, Worthy Women Collective.

You have access to all the benefits in the Collective that ALWAYS complement the learning you are doing in this program.

You also have a choice to focus ONLY on this program or to enhance the learning you are doing here by following the main group.

With my deliberate design, time guides & recommendations, you won’t be overwhelmed or distracted.

Enjoy the extra learning OR focus only on this program (completely up to you!)

Access weekly training that complements this program

Access live events including a monthly virtual retreat and a Worthy Gathering where you get to meet with community members in multiple pairings

You can be part of the bigger community or just focus on your micro-community

Focused Plans & Time Guides




This program is about staying focused! That means understanding where to place your attention and what parts of this program will give you the most impact.

We all are in different seasons of our lives and businesses. Sometimes we have lots of time to get every morsel out of what is offered and sometimes we need to know how to get the most from the little time we have.

I have created time guides to help you get the most from this program for the season you are in now.

Design this program for your individual circumstances.

Focus and block recommended time

Avoid overwhelm or FOMO

3 levels: “Minimal Momentum”, “Next Level” and “All In”

Are you ready to have clarity & focus in your business?

Micro-groups won’t happen again until September 2021, so add yourself to the waitlist or better yet, JOIN WORTHY WOMEN COLLECTIVE.

Who is a good fit for this program?

[ How to know if this is right for you ]

You align with my values

It is really important that we align in values and for me, this includes being an advocate for social justice & ethical marketing. I am committed to doing anti-racism work and I have a zero-tolerance policy for racism, micro-aggressions or attitudes that in any way diminish my community. I also refuse to teach unethical marketing, manipulative sales techniques or hustle.

You are willing to create (or evolve) a business from the inside out

ALL of my work is done from an inside-out approach. We start with what you want and who you are and re-design your business (new or established) to align with your internal anchors. Without this, you will create a business that is misaligned, exhausting or one that quickly leads to burnout. If you don’t enjoy exploring your internal world, we probably aren’t a good fit.

You're humble & open to learning

No matter where you are in your business or self-development, there is ALWAYS something to learn. I am learning every day even after more than 20 years in business. The women I work with are humble, honest, vulnerable and real. They are NOT competitive, desperate to give advice or always taking the spotlight. They are open to learning and seeing someone else’s viewpoint. 

You are committed to the process (even if you are low on time)

The beauty of my work is that when you really commit to it, magic happens. It is not about the quantity of time you devote to the process, but about your commitment to the process. Making a commitment starts to shift the energy in your life & business. I can’t tell you how many women over the years started to notice huge shifts as soon as they said “yes”.

You don't fit in to traditional biz spaces

You have never fit into the hustle, bro-marketing, ego-driven business spaces. You aren’t loud or showy and you are done trying to be. You want to operate your business in alignment with your values. My community is one-of-a-kind. It won’t be like any other program, group or coaching you have experienced before. It is rooted in ethical values and conscious intentions. It has also been developed over decades of working with women & developing myself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

[And other information]

What will I specifically learn in this program?

This program is designed to accomplish three core goals:

1. Help you focus & clarify your business foundations, which I see as your: why (desire & vision), strengths & genius, scalable business model, target market, services, customer journey, pricing, messaging, sales process, simple marketing & growth plan. 

2. Provide a safe, supportive and small community to do this work in, one where all members are working towards the same goals.

3. Give you the tools and blueprint that can be used for ALL stages of business growth. This process can be used to refine and evolve your business over and over again. 

How is this program different from all the others out there?

There is nothing like this program anywhere! Partly because all of the pieces of this program have been forged through decades of testing and hands-on work with women. This is the culmination of all my work.

Some of the main reasons this work is different:

  • It is rooted in a balance of the feminine & masculine
  • It focuses on the foundation, which is the root of most business problems, rather than marketing & sales tactics (which only address the symptoms!)
  • It is a streamlined process that can be used over and over again for the rest of your career (most programs teach you a tactic that will be useless in six months)
  • There is no hustle in my program. Everything is designed to create space and transformation
  • It is business development & self-development in equal measure

In addition to the content, I curate each micro-group. I interview all participants to ensure there is a great group of women in your group.

It is hard to find a coach at my level still working with clients directly. I am intimately involved with each micro-group to ensure success and I still love it!

This space is safe for all women. There is a zero toleration policy for racism, micro-aggressions, discrimination, unethical behavior, bullying, catty behavior and anything that diminishes a member of this group in any way.

What if this program isn’t right for me? Can I get my money back?

I do some pretty heavy lifting to ensure only “right fits” get in. In fact, I turn down many women who I feel aren’t ready or aren’t aligned with this program. I only accept women I know this program is a good fit for. 

I can’t provide you with motivation or make your commitment, you have to bring those. 

I want you to gut check this page, my website, my podcast and ensure you like my perspectives and are aligned with my values.

Part of my ethical marketing commitment is to treat women as sovereign beings. You can be responsible and make your own decisions. I don’t need to manipulate you to buy from me. If you aren’t sure, don’t do it.

So, I don’t offer a money-back guarantee. That would be diminishing your sovereignty and my value. 

What I can guarantee is that if you commit to this process, you will get results. Period!

Trust yourself to make the right decision for you. I trust you to do the same.

I have a therapist and/or a business coach. Should I still join?

Yes, definitely if you have a therapist. I have often worked with women in therapy and I am experienced in knowing my lane and complementing the therapeutic process.

If you currently have a business coach, then NO. It is impossible to commit to this program when you have someone else working with you on your business. What often happens is that my very different business philosophy conflicts with other business coaches.

I feel that having the conflict of different perspectives is stressful and can cause you to lose focus and get stuck in self-doubt. This is the opposite of my program’s goals.

Commitment requires you to be ALL-IN with this process.

When you are done working with that business coach and a new round of micro-groups have started, feel free to book a call.

I am not making any money in my business, is this still worth the investment?

Yes! Yes! Yes! An investment is about giving first for a delayed return. Investment in the right support will accelerate that return.

I guarantee you this program will shave years off of your business growth. I end up working with women who have been in business for 10 years and haven’t progressed because their foundations aren’t focused.

This work will accelerate the impact of your purpose, mission and goals.

I am a very experienced business owner, is this group right for me?

I know sometimes as experienced business owners (raising my hand here), we are worried about being in groups with less experienced business owners.

But this is the greatest part about this program. The work we are doing here applies to ALL stages of business.

I created the micro-groups to ensure you have people to work with that are similar in stage

What is interesting is that the stage we are in is not always apparent. Sometimes we think we have it all figured out, but we are in an exhausting business model and actually need to pivot into something completely new. 

The greatest part of being an experienced business owner is that even in going back to foundations, you get to bring all your wisdom and experience to the process. This exponentially accelerates your progress. 


I have never worked with Sonya before. How will I know her work is right for me?

Do your due diligence and trust yourself!

You can find my work everywhere. Listen to my podcasts, The Feminine Lens or Women in the Business Arena. Find me on Instagram or Linkedin. Read my blogs and peruse my website.

What you see is what you get! My biggest value is congruency. I am always honest about who I am and my values.

If you resonate with my message, you will get a lot from my work.

I always struggle with time, am I going to waste my investment?

This is exactly why I set up the focus & time guides. I will support you to get the most impact within the time frame you have.

That being said, you have to have a commitment to doing this work. It is one thing to logistically be short on time. It is another to not commit to doing the work.

I also suggest viewing time differently. Sometimes we view value by time. If I spend x amount of money, I should have x amount of time to get every last drop for what I am paying for.

This is not a practice I want you to have in your business! If you are worried about this, this is the kind of client you will attract. They will try to squeeze every last drop out of you and will miss the real value.

Sometimes one little golden nugget that you receive in 1 minute is worth more than you make in a year. The truth is, it isn’t the time you spend (quantity), it is the quality of what you receive.

Is this micro-group on Facebook? I hate Facebook!

Me too! Thankfully, I have moved my community to Mighty Networks so we have a dedicated space for everything we do together.

You can access the community, events, courses, replays and more on your computer or the mobile app.

I have designed the space for organization, connection and choice! You can decide what you want to follow and not follow. You can decide how you are notified and the practice you want to have for engagement.

I have some recommendations too!

What happens after the 4-month program?

I get asked this a lot! “Do I get to keep all the training, materials, replays, etc.?”

My philosophy is that the most important work you do is transformational and integrated into your life and business. This means that you carry those lessons wherever you go. 

Most of my clients never go back to the old info after a few months, but let me clarify the options for you. 

If you decide to stay in the Worthy Women Collective (for $275 a month), you will have continued access to everything. 

If you decide after the four months that you are good and you are not interested in continuing, then you will get access to everything for one more month (to catch up on anything you missed). 

After that extra month, you will be removed from the group, training and courses, but you will have your Google Folder (with all your worksheets, 1:1 session notes and recordings). 

Trust me, you will not forget the work you do in this program!

I don’t like being busy or being online. Is this program for me?

It absolutely can work for you! I designed this group for deep-feelers, introverts, women who want balance and women who have never fit into traditional spaces.

My Worthy Women Collective is designed from this same mindset. It is not a “busy” or overwhelming group. I offer an orientation to really get clear about how you want to engage. That being said, you can also just remain in your micro-group area and not be part of the Collective.

This is an online program. If you really hate being online, this might be a challenge for you. With my previous clients who felt this way, I helped them create a schedule that minimized their time online, but maximized their results.

At a minimum, you will need to be online and present for your 90-minute mastermind every month and our 1:1. You will also need to listen to the training which you can do on any device, including your mobile. You can download the worksheets and print them out to minimize your time online.

There are always ways to make it more aligned with what you want, but there is a commitment to some online time.

I live in a challenging time zone for many coaching groups. Will I still get value?

The short answer is yes! There is so much value even if you never attend an event live.

That being said, I try to cater to the makeup of your micro-group to make it easy for aligned time zones.

I also have 1:1 time available for most time zones, but you may have to have a session early or late (but not in the middle of the night).

I still work with many clients in US, Canada and Australia. I cater all events to these time zones. If you are concerned about this, reach out to me with your time zone at [email protected]

What happens after I say yes?

Can we start with a happy dance? Deciding to take this program is a moment of celebration. And celebrating is part of what we practice in this group. ;D 

After you say yes, I will send you my contract to sign online and an invoice. Once payment is received, I will send you an email with details about how to get started. 

The first week of the program is orientation. I help you get comfortable with all components of the program and you get a feel for how all the platforms work. 

The rest of the first month will be about diving into your desire & vision for your business.

We will have our first 1:1 session during this time to get to know each other. I will have you fill out some questions beforehand and we will dive into some exploration about your direction, goals and time availability. I will help you look at your schedule and figure out how to fit what is important into your schedule. 

Within the first two weeks, I will introduce you to your micro-group and we will have our first mastermind together. 

Every step of the program is laid out and easy to follow. I take good care of you. 

Have other questions?
Just email me at [email protected]!

Are you ready to have clarity & focus in your business?

Micro-groups won’t happen again until September 2021, so add yourself to the waitlist or better yet, JOIN WORTHY WOMEN COLLECTIVE.

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