Repair your Business Foundations

in 6-8 week sprints

Here is the truth:

Many women are missing the nuts & bolts to business growth & success

These fundamental foundations determine whether or not your marketing works, whether you experience a high return on your effort or no return on your effort, whether you love your business or come to hate it.

But the nuts & bolts of a balanced business look very different from a business built for hustle.

I spent 21 years working with thousands of women to determine the foundations of a business built for ease, success and freedom. Both Worthy Women Collective AND the Sprints are rooted in what I learned.

What are the nuts & bolts of business?

In short, your thinking & mindset, your business design, model & structure, your sales & marketing, and how you are leading in the world. 

But HOW you put them together determines your results

A balanced & joyful business is:

  • Designed & operated through Worthy Thinking (the foundation of The Collective)
  • Aligned with YOUR strengths & genius
  • Rooted in your greatest desires AND aligned with what the world wants and needs
  • Built to attract ONLY best-fit clients
  • Focused – with a streamlined offer & simple, clear business model
  • Centered around ethical sales (sales that aligns with your integrity, gifts and wisdom)
  • Stays focused on sales over marketing (more return on investment)
  • Grounded in minimal momentum to avoid burnout and exhaustion

A business destined for hustle is:


  • Designed & operated from unworthy thinking (scarcity, struggle with value, overdelivering)
  • Aligned with someone else’s strengths & genius
  • Rooted in what others want & need at the sacrifice of your needs
  • Built to attract anyone who will pay
  • Scattered with multiple offers, services, and directions
  • Centered around unethical sales (sales tactics that are misaligned with your values and who you are)
  • Stays focused on marketing over sales (more effort for minimal return)
  • Designed for hustle & leads to constant burnout and exhaustion

How you design & structure your business matters!

 *This is why I created the sprints!

Welcome to the Sprints

Unlike Worthy Women Collective, which is about the ongoing practice & application of business principles (how you are operating day-to-day in your business), the Sprints are designed to help you build the right structures in quick sprints of 6-8 weeks.

They are the nuts & bolts of a successful & balanced business.

Each sprint is focused on a specific topic and centers around education, design & decision-making (with exception of money mindset which is more about transforming old patterns of thinking).

You end the sprint with clarity, structures, and strategies that you can then implement in the world.


* Also, each sprint comes with 2 free months in the Collective to use after the completion of your sprint so you have extra time to practice, clarify and get support around everything you learn.

Upcoming Courses

Our next sprints & foundational business courses

Refining Your Business Design


Clearly define (or redefine) your business model, best-fit clients, services, and more in 8 weeks of group coaching, training, and a small cohort (4-6) of like-minded women.

Designing your business structures is more than just coming up with an idea, it is all about context: who you are, how you operate, your values, your personality, the market, the reality of the business world right now and so much more.

—> This course gives you context and coaching to determine the business model and design that is right for you.

Whether you are in your 1st year of business or your 20th, this sprint helps you refine, refocus and evolve your business foundation for more success, ease, and freedom.


Ethical Sales & Minimal Marketing


Learn to love sales, practice it ethically and drastically reduce the amount of time you spend marketing in 8 weeks of group coaching, training and a small cohort (4-6) of like-minded women.

Sales is a huge foundation of your service business, but many women don’t have the education, context or understanding of how to practice sales in a way that feels aligned with their values.

—> This course will reframe the way you see sales, improve your sales conversions and help you embrace the sales process so you can stop focusing on marketing.

In this course we talk about the energy of money, the difference between sales & lead generation (marketing), & why narrowing your efforts is key to success. This is a game-changing course for your business!


Money Mindset & Your Business


Experience a new mindset around money & your value and increase your ability to attract more wealth, clients & success in 6 weeks of group coaching, training, self-development tools and a small cohort (4-6) of like-minded women.

We cover money mindset briefly in Worthy Women Collective, but this course is for women who need a deep dive into shifting their money patterns and unworthy thinking. Most of us have lifelong patterns that are ruling our decisions in our business. This course helps you bring those patterns into the light so you can change them.

—> This course will help you recognize how powerful you are and how valuable you are to the world.

In this course, we do the internal work necessary to shift your external experience, but we also work on pricing, sales & other areas of business directly impacted by your money mindset.

Building Your Leadership Platform


Organize your innate wisdom & genius, and design a leadership platform so you can share your gift with the world in 8 weeks of group coaching, training, and a small cohort (4-6) of like-minded women.

If you know you have wisdom to share but have had a hard time deciding how to do it in a way that has impact, this course is for you. Should you do a podcast? A TEDx talk? A book? And how do you organize years and years of your wisdom?

—> This course gives you the structure and coaching you need to determine the right leadership platform for you.

It will help you frame your knowledge, position yourself in the marketplace and narrow your message so it can be heard.



A few words from my clients:

After Sonya’s program, I now know I have a sustainable business that I can grow and scale. As soon as you have that solid foundation you have the confidence, knowledge, and validation to know that what you are ‘selling’ is needed. You know exactly who to market it to and how to successfully and impactfully talk about your business. All the hoping and guessing and trying too many things is a thing of the past. You know what works!

Kathryn Stoneman

Founder, A Mindful Start

When I started working with Sonya, I was like a lot of business owners: trying to do everything, be everything for everyone, and hitting capacity and burnout. After the program, I felt more confident. I could attract clients very easily. And I knew how to serve them better and better as I went along. I kept streamlining and growing. It’s been pretty amazing! 


Lisa Byrne

E-commerce, Marketing Coach for Women

Within my first conversation with Sonya, she uncovered my need to let go of two employees and to refocus on what makes me happy and thrive in running my own packaging and branding studio. Within one month, I made great strides on focusing on my core capabilities, as well as being able to define what works and doesn’t work within my current business process. The value of working with Sonya is absolutely there and the experience was extremely rewarding.

Alison P. Sauter

Founder and Creative Director, Shelf Studio

Why these courses are different?

And why you want in.

Focused & Immersive

Each course is specific and project-based. You come out of the sprint with tangible plans and “things done”! You have consistent weekly lessons, exercises, and coaching to keep you focused and on track to the endgame.

Proven Process

These courses have been taught over and over again with hundreds of previous clients. The process for each course has been proven, refined and evolved to give you the best results.

Micro Groups

With only 4-6 people in each group, you have the opportunity to get individual support and be seen. You can’t get lost in yet another big course or group program. Each week you have the spotlight to ask questions, get feedback and make the decisions that will take your business to the next level.

Education + Coaching

Education is not enough to tackle the business structure work you need to succeed in your business. You also need coaching & someone who has the experience to help you make decisions, see your blindspots and ensure you have the foundation for success. In these courses, you get both.

Are you ready

To have your business structures solid in just 6-8 weeks?