I see so many business owners get stuck in their zone of excellence instead of making the leap into their zone of genius.

In our zone of excellence, we often think everything is going fine. We usually get lots of approval for the things we do well, even if we don’t love them. We make money, look successful on the outside, try to make it work… until we realize we are still feeling burnt out and unfulfilled, even after a ton of grinding.

The joy and freedom you feel when you find your zone of genius is why breaking out of your zone of excellence is always worth it.

We’ve had an amazing month of conversations about strengths & genius on the Feminine Lens, and to wrap it up I’m speaking with Katya Nicholas about leaning into your strengths and letting them lead you to your zone of genius.

Katya is a Brilliance Strategist based in New York City. As a certified Clifton Strengths coach she equips her clients with strategies for finding and working within their Zones of Genius. Katya’s mission in life is to ensure every woman stands firmly in her brilliance and develops an unshakable belief in herself.

Katya and I talk about how she uses Clifton Strengths with her clients, why our superpowers can also give us blindspots, and how we can create an unshakable belief in ourselves and our talents.

We also talk about empathy as a key strength and why so many of our clients don’t like this strength when they first find out they have it. And we chat about the shadow side of our talents and how to recharge our strengths instead of running them into the ground.

This is such a wonderful and important conversation, because the more we live & work from our genius, the more aligned, fulfilled, happy and successful we will be.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The common challenges women face when trying to identify and step into their strengths.
  • Why a lot of women feel like their natural talents aren’t valued in business.
  • How Katya helps her clients tap into their strengths with the Clifton Strengths methodology.
  • How she has learned to embrace her strengths, like empathy, that she once thought were weaknesses.
  • Why there can be a shadow side of our talents and how to acknowledge our blindspots.
  • Why we can’t run our natural strengths into the ground even though they come easily to us.

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