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Emotionally intelligent leaders, teams & cultures are the future of work!

Looking for a corporate speaker or corporate workshop that can transform your organization rather than just entertaining them? Sonya Stattmann provides content that sparks lifelong change & offers meaningful messages your team will remember

She is an expert on emotional intelligence. She understands the way that disconnection, a lack of empathy,  and burnout are impacting the workplace. She tackles tough topics in new and different ways that make it easy for your team to digest, and she helps you incorporate strategies & practices immediately into your workplace dynamics. 

~ About Sonya’s Corporate Speaking & Workshops ~

“Sonya was not only a great speaker, but also an amazing provider of resources for our company when she came to speak about stress and burnout. Everyone left equipped with personalized strategies they could use in their own life!


~ Zappos Headquarters

(Keynote – In Person)

“Sonya did a great job speaking about Emotional Intelligence. She gave practical advice to employees on how to manage stressors and raise their emotional intelligence. She handled employee questions effortlessly. She has a calm presence that invites people to open up.”

~ Federal Home Loan Bank

Workshop (In-Person)

“Sonya is a wonderful speaker! She hosted our virtual keynote session for International Women’s Day and spoke about women’s empowerment and emotional intelligence. We learned how to be present in the moment, tools to improve as individuals, and what emotional intelligence truly is. She was very kind and professional, and our employees enjoyed the event.”

~ Sisense

Keynote (Virtual)

“Sonya Stattmann was such an amazing & engaging speaker for our virtual event! She was able to keep the audience engaged throughout, with the chat function in Zoom and breakouts. She is a wonderful facilitator & customized her presentation based on our kick-off conversations. Attendees left feeling invigorated & excited!”

~ Home Chef

Workshop (Virtual)

“We booked Sonya Stattmann. She was amazing and provided a very insightful session on leadership skills & techniques. Our attendees were really happy with how knowledgeable and professional she was.”


Panel Session (Virtual)

“All people should have access to Sonya’s events! Sonya has this magical way of helping people navigate modern life and all of the current uncertainty. It’s an understatement to say that her event transformed my life.”

~ The Little Project Management Company

Workshop (Virtual)

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Virtual Corporate Speaking & Training

Not every corporate speaker can navigate the virtual landscape! Sonya has been running virtual events for more than a decade. Her events are engaging & interactive. She facilitates each event in real-time with the audience and customizes the event based on the audience’s level of knowledge and interest.

Some of the ways she can work with your organization and team virtually:

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Virtual Training & Workshops

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Online Conferences

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Fireside Chats or Q&As

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Virtual Keynotes

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Why you want to hire her for corporate speaking:

4 Most Popular Workshops:

Emotional Intelligence is the Bridge to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Beating Burnout & Building Resilience


Cooling Conflict – Turning Down the Heat in Workplace Dynamics

The Power of Focus – a beginners guide to mindfulness & attention training
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4 Most Popular Keynotes:
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The Science of Well-Being: 5 steps to managing your stress & mental health

Compassion & Empathy are Our Nature – how to remove barriers & bridge a path for connection
Being Super Human Leaders – A model for building empathy, connection & trust
Moving Beyond #Empowerment – the intersection between personal empowerment & systemic change

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Sonya’s Corporate Speaking Topics

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The Foundation for Success

Almost ALL organizational, leadership, employee, and workplace struggles can be improved by raising emotional intelligence. It is the foundation for growth, inclusion, innovation, productivity, mental health, impact, and success. Sonya has spent her career educating others about emotional intelligence – what it is, how to embrace our human superpowers, and the way E.Q. can dramatically improve the workplace. It has been the foundation of all her work for 23 years. From intro workshops to deep leadership training, Sonya is a leading expert in the power of emotional intelligence.

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Beating Burnout & Building Resilience

Burnout is a huge epidemic, with more than 70% of workers experiencing burnout in just the last year. Burnout leads to a decline in productivity, mental health, team cohesiveness and so much more. Preventing burnout & helping their team manage stress is now a “have to” for all organizations. But burnout is a complex topic and providing the right tools to navigate today’s work environment requires an expert who understands the cause of burnout & the right ways to build resilience. Sonya has helped thousands of leaders eliminate burnout & build resiliency in themselves & their organizations.

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Emotional Intelligence is the bridge to DEI

Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives are required for growth, success & sustainability in today’s workplace, but HOW you implement these initiatives matter. So often DEI initiatives are performative, they look good on the outside, but fail to deliver true transformation on the inside. If DEI is the destination, emotional intelligence is the bridge. Raising your organization’s E.Q is the foundation for building an equitable workplace & an inclusive culture. It requires navigating unconscious bias and building cultures of empathy & psychological safety. From whole employee events to intimate HR conferences, Sonya has the experience to make a difference.

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Motivation, Mental Health & More

Increasing productivity requires an inside-out approach. Understanding human psychology & motivation, and prioritizing mental health & workplace culture have more impact on productivity than outside-in approaches like time management & changes to organizational structure. Sonya has been helping organizations shift the way they work for 23 years. She offers events around goal-setting, energy management (the new time management), mental health & well-being, and more. If you want an increase in productivity, you have to be willing to get to the roots of what creates real change.

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From Transactional to Transformational

Transactional leadership is no longer sustainable, we need transformational leadership to navigate the future of work. Transformational leadership comes from our willingness to be “super” human leaders, not beyond human, but more human. It is about building a leadership model with empathy, connection & trust at the core. Emotionally intelligent leaders & managers know how to regulate themselves & relate to others. Sonya is brilliant at bringing these leadership resources to an all-employee event or taking it deeper and more specific for your Leadership teams.

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We Need More Women in Power

Women in leadership change the world! Diversity in the leadership team has proven to bring more innovation, success & wisdom to organizations around the world. Empowering women isn’t about a hashtag or cheerleading, but about understanding & acknowledging the powers they bring to the table. Sonya has spent two decades advocating for women in the workplace, working to bridge the gender gap, and teaching organizations how to follow women’s lead. Her events are powerful for organizations ready for change, Women’s History Month or ERG groups focused on women’s issues.