Welcome back to our month all about desire + vision! I spent some time last week laying the foundations for this topic (which you can listen to here), and this week I wanted to explore the physical aspects of desire with our resident mental health expert Laura Shook-Guzman.

A huge part of the feminine approach is an appreciation for the physical, embodied aspects of our experience. We spend so much time in our heads, especially in business and when we are using the masculine lens. Our bodies contain so much wisdom that is just waiting to be tapped into, but first we need to learn how to do it!

In this episode, Laura and I explore the physical sensations that accompany desire and why they are different for each of us. We also dive into the growing understanding in psychology of the links between the mind and the body and what to look for as you get in touch with your own core desires.

Laura and I also share our own experiences with desire, sensation and vision, talk about why desire is our most powerful creative fuel, and why it is easier to sustain your vision when desire forms the foundation.

The beginning of the year is a natural time to want to get clear on our vision, and I hope that you will make exploring your core desires a key part of that process. <3

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Why a lot of us get trapped in our heads when it comes to envisioning and why we should root into our bodies, too
  • How we have been cut off from our desire through shame and silence
  • How psychology is evolving to better understand the links between the mind and the body and how these impact our desire 
  • What you can do to start identifying what core desires feel like in your body
  • The difference between understanding your core desires versus “knowing your why”
  • Why we need to be connected to our desire in order to have the energy & motivation to actually enact our vision
  • What rooting into our bodies can teach us about resistance, taking aligned action and creating a sustainable vision

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