I’m so honored to have Sunshine Kamaloni on the podcast with me this week to talk all about truly embodying the feminine. 

Sunshine is a doctor, author and racial equity consultant. We have worked together on her business, so I have had a front-row seat watching her journey of learning to balance a very logical, masculine perspective with the introspection and creation of the feminine lens. 

This conversation was so lovely and full of Sunshine’s wisdom. We start off talking about Sunshine’s upbringing & academic background and how those really centered her in the masculine way of doing things. She then tells us about the unfolding of the feminine lens in her life and business, including how she re-evaluated her definition of success as she learned to balance out the masculine and feminine according to her own internal compass.

Sunshine and I then dive into a really fascinating discussion of the intersections of identity and how these shape our experience of the masculine and feminine. We talk about race, justice and learning to have empathy for ourselves and others as we try to build a world where we are all truly valued. 

I’m sure Sunshine will be back on the podcast in the future but don’t miss this absolutely wonderful conversation!

Let’s talk about:

  • How Sunshine learned to balance out the masculine lens she had been taught with her innate feminine lens
  • The externality of the masculine lens compared to the introspection of the feminine
  • Why Sunshine appreciates the masculine more now that she has found a balance between that and the feminine
  • How she learned to recognize her misalignment with society’s definition of success
  • The value of compassion, empathy, tenderness and softness in a world that is currently overbalanced in favor of more masculine traits
  • How our understanding of the feminine and masculine can inform conversations about identity, race, justice and building a truly equitable future
  • The crucial connection between empathy & the feminine

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