EP 17: Stop Seeing Your Body as a Battleground with Janet Farnsworth

I am so excited to dive into embodiment with today’s guest because this is a conversation that can benefit everybody with a body!

Janet Farnsworth, body empowerment coach and shame buster, helps women become best friends with their bodies.

Janet is the founder and CEO of the movement-therapy practice “The Practice of Now: Let Love Move You” and the two-time bestselling author of Love Your Body: The Guide to Stop Making Your Body a Battleground and Your Body is Your Superpower: How to Live a Life of Confidence, Clarity and Joy.

After thirty years supporting hundreds of women heal body trauma – including sexual assault, addiction, disability prejudice, and eating disorders – Janet shares the secrets not just to connect to your body, but also how to celebrate your body as your most powerful asset.

Janet and I have such a beautiful, grounding conversation about what it means to feel, and be, embodied. This isn’t an easy thing for many of us, whether we are carrying trauma, running a business, caring for others, or all of the above. But building an awareness of and love for our bodies is one of the most powerful ways we can bring the feminine into the forefront of our lives.

We talk about why we put too much stock in how our bodies look, rather than how they feel, and why we sometimes disassociate from our bodies. We also dive into the benefits of being in the body, even if it sometimes feels scary or uncomfortable. And we share some of our favorite personal practices for getting more embodied and returning to awareness of our beautiful bodies.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What embodiment means and why it will feel different for every body
  • Why we think of our bodies as something others see before we think of how they serve & love us
  • The benefits of being in the body and why people are afraid to feel
  • Why it feels so much better to let emotions move through us than it does to resist them
  • Why we disconnect from our bodies and how to get reconnected
  • Why feeling is a powerful, brave, and feminine act

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