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The Power of Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Raising emotional intelligence is critical to solving your greatest organizational challenges. At the core of burnout, DEI issues, leadership problems, and current trends like quiet quitting is a lack of emotional intelligence in your leaders, managers & employees. Emotional intelligence is not just about managing our emotions – it is about understanding how our innate operating system works. Understanding our nervous systems and survival strategies means we can have more power over our responses & reactions. It increases empathy & connection and is the difference between a workplace filled with conflict and a workplace working in cohesion. An emotional intelligence workshop can help your team work better together.

Facts about Emotional Intelligence

Why emotional intelligence workshops matter…

For your leaders:
  • Employees with emotionally-intelligent managers are 4X less likely to leave their jobs – this means less quiet quitting & more employee engagement
  • 87% of Millennials today are motivated by the emotional intelligence of their leaders – more motivation equals higher performing teams & more workplace cohesion 
  • 95% of surveyed HR managers and 99% of employees believe that emotional intelligence is a must-have skill for every staff member – companies can no longer ignore the power of emotional intelligence workshops
  • Organizations that value and widely use emotional intelligence are 3.2x more effective at leadership development 


—> And yet, only 42% of organizations worldwide implement training on emotional intelligence for senior management – where does your company fit in?

emotional intelligence workshops improve leadership
emotional intelligence workshops create better leadership and cohesive teams
emotional intelligence improves team performance
For your employees:
  • 90% of top performers have above-average emotional intelligence – having a top-performing team is a must in today’s competitive environment
  • Emotional Intelligence is responsible for 58% of job performance – far more than any other single factor
  • Salespeople with high EQ produced 2x the revenue of those with average or below-average scores 
  • Technical programmers with high EQ developed software 3x faster than those with low EQ 


—> And yet, fewer than 20% of companies qualify as emotionally intelligent – where does your company fit in?

sonya stattmann delivering an emotional intelligence workshop
My Workshops & Keynotes

The emotional intelligence workshops I offer…



(Perfect for all employee events or employee resource groups – 60-90 min)

  • Emotional Intelligence @ Work – a masterclass that raises your team’s E.Q. and provides a foundation for an emotionally intelligent workplace (workshop or talk)
  • Cooling Conflict – how to navigate emotions, regulate our nervous systems & turn down the heat in workplace dynamics (workshop)
  • Confident & Compassionate Communication – the art of human interaction & emotional literacy (talk)
We can also customize a talk or workshop for your needs!



(Great for Leadership or HR teams – 90 min-2 hours)

  • The Emotional Intelligence Toolkit – a set of resources for your managers & leaders (workshop)
  • A Bridge to Equity & Inclusion – emotional intelligence is the gap between performance & meaningful change (talk)
  • Beating Burnout Requires Tackling the Roots – & why emotional intelligence is the solution to your greatest organizational challenges (talk)



(Virtual or in-person training for your team – 16 hours)

  • An Emotionally Intelligent Workplace – a powerful training for your whole team which includes understanding emotions, learning to self-regulate, effective communication, and learning to work better together
  • Trauma-informed Management Training – for managers & leaders wanting to understand how to effectively navigate trauma and stress in the workplace (theirs and their teams)



(Private podcasts for additional learning (Coming soon))

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