Why do so many business owners believe we have to go all out to convince potential clients to work with us? What’s behind the indoctrination that makes sales calls feel like an ethical minefield? Honestly, it’s the marketing strategy. It’s time we all start investing in an ethical sales and marketing strategy that works best for you and your business. 

So many women hate sales & marketing. From tactics like charm pricing, where people offer things at $499 instead of $500, or false scarcity, where people claim they only have 2 spots left when they haven’t even sold a spot yet, unethical sales and marketing is taught in almost every industry. We often feel we have to convince or manipulate people into buying from us. And we struggle to communicate their value and resist asking for the sale because we hate the sleazy feeling that comes with traditional, unethical marketing. 

It’s because we’ve been taught sleazy and shady business practices. We’re told that we should market to everyone all the time and sell, sell, sell, even if it’s not what they need. Basically, we’ve been taught that our sales goals are more important than the connections we make with our clients. 

If you’re feeling like your sales strategy is cold and detached, it’s probably because it is. But it doesn’t have to be. You can hold connection at the center of your marketing strategy and be genuinely invested in your clients, with ethical sales and marketing strategies. 

When you embrace ethical sales & marketing, you stay aligned with your values and actually come to love sales! Believe me, I have watched this over and over again in Worthy Women Collective. So many women came into my program hating sales and left my program absolutely loving it.


In this episode of Women in the Business Arena, Laura Shook Guzman is back to talk with me about showing up in a genuine, honest way that eliminates the need for sleazy sales tactics.

Laura Shook Guzman, LMFT, is the CEO/Founder of https://www.consciousambition.com/ (Conscious Ambition), and a thought leader for entrepreneurial mental health, coworking, and self-care. Laura is on a mission, connecting with people all over the world, from entrepreneurs to corporate professionals, sharing a powerful message about the value of founder mental health, collaborative work, and embodied living. As an accomplished psychotherapist, trauma specialist, and devoted community leader, Laura brings enormous expertise, insight, and energy to her work.

Join us as we discuss: 

  • Why we feel so squeamish about selling, and how changing our approach can make a huge difference.
  • How to reframe sales and marketing as a positive thing, and set aside the salesperson role we don’t want to play anyway.
  • The ethical marketing principles that can help you be more intentional and selective about who you work with.
  • Grounding your sales and marketing in relationship-building rather than influence or manipulation.


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