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Not just another female motivational speaker…

Inspiration and motivation alone won’t create the significant change we need to have equity & inclusion. At the current rate of progress, it will take 300 years to achieve full gender equality. What we need is education & emotional intelligence. Having worked with thousands of female leaders & business owners, navigating real-life situations and organizational challenges, I have seen firsthand what it takes to empower women. My work looks at the intersection between personal development (and empowerment) and systemic change. Want to make a difference in gender equity & inclusion, book an event today!

Statistics on Women in the Workplacey

Why hiring a female motivational speaker matters…

Women in Leadership:
  • 1 in 4 C-suite executives is a woman, out of those, only one in 20 is a woman of color
  • Female CEOs are 45% more likely to be fired
  • Only 24 countries have women as Head of State or of Government (According to estimates, these positions won’t reach gender equality for at least 130 years at the current rate)
  • In 2022, women earned 17% less than men on average; Female CEO statistics show that women in executive positions earn 76 cents for every dollar a man in the same rank makes.

—> Yet, women in leadership bring more diversity, create inclusive cultures, lead in innovation & make more ethical decisions – where does your company fit in?

emotional intelligence workshops improve leadership
emotional intelligence workshops create better leadership and cohesive teams
emotional intelligence improves team performance
Workplace Environment for Women:
  • An international survey on gender discrimination showed that almost 3 in 5 women experience harassment or microaggression in the workplace worldwide
  • 50% of women in law firms have experienced unwanted sexual conduct, 16% of female lawyers lose work opportunities as a result of rejecting sexual advances, and 28% haven’t reported it for fear of retaliation
  • 57% of female tech professionals experienced gender discrimination in the workplace, compared to 10% of male workers
  • Women are roughly 4x as likely as men to say they have been treated as if they were not competent because of their gender (23% of employed women vs 6% of men)


—> Gender discrimination, unconscious bias & micro-aggressions are the norm in many organizations – where does your company fit in?

~ Hiring the right female motivational speaker can make a difference! ~

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My Workshops & Keynotes

What I offer as a female motivational speaker…



(Perfect for all-employee events or employee resource groups – 60-90 min)

  • Empowering Women in the Workplace – Why women work differently & how we can follow their lead (talk or workshop)
  • Moving Beyond #Empowerment – the intersection between personal empowerment & systemic change (loosely based off my TEDx talk)
  • Looking Through a Feminine Lens – increasing emotional intelligence, unpacking unconscious bias & bridging the gender gap (talk or workshop)
We can also customize a talk or workshop for your needs!



(Great for women in leadership or women-focused ERC Groups – 60-90 min)

  • Reclaiming our Voices – How to find your voice & why it is time for us to be heard (workshop)
  • Forget Work/Life Balance – learn to align your work & life, beat burnout & effectively manage your energy (talk)
  • The Least you Have to Offer is Enough – tacking imposter syndrome & tapping into your strength & genius (talk or workshop)



(Virtual or in-person training for your team – 16 hours)

  • An Emotionally Intelligent Workplace – a powerful training for your whole team which includes understanding emotions, learning to self-regulate, effective communication, and learning to work better together
  • Trauma-informed Management Training – for managers & leaders wanting to understand how to effectively navigate trauma and stress in the workplace (theirs and their teams)



(Private podcasts for additional learning (Coming soon))

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