So… what do you think about The Feminine Lens so far?

I have been spending the first few episodes of the podcast outlining the foundations of this perspective before diving into deep exploration. (Make sure you check out last week’s episodeEP5: Why the World Needs a Feminine Lens about why the world needs this perspective if you missed it!)

This time I want to dig into what makes it so worthwhile to get back in touch with the feminine. To do that, I’ve brought back the wonderful Laura Shook-Guzman, my dear friend, co-host and entrepreneurial soulmate. 

Laura and I have been talking about the importance of the feminine for a long time – the desire to find a new lens for parenting, work and life was actually what brought us together in the first place. 😀

In this episode, we talk about how we keep a feminine approach at the forefront of our lives and businesses. We spend quite a bit of time exploring worthiness and why the masculine lens leaves a lot of women feeling innately inadequate (and men, too!). 

Laura also shares her unique perspective as a somatic therapist and how the feminine lens has helped her clients explore the relationship between their bodies and emotions. 

And finally, we talk through the challenges of coming back to the feminine if you’ve been out of alignment and why the pain & struggle of that journey is so worth it. 

We talk about:

  • How Laura and I met & bonded over the desire to look at parenting and business through a new lens
  • Why worthiness is at the core of what I teach and the problems I help women solve
  • How the lack of balance between the masculine and feminine impacts the men Laura works with, as well as the women
  • Embodying our feelings instead of cutting them off
  • Why it takes courage and commitment to approach life with a feminine lens
  • What it feels like to use the feminine lens in practice

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