“So many people are overcompensating. They’re trying to prove that they’re worthy to get money, to sell, to offer something. They’re looking to compare themselves. They’re constantly overcompensating for those little feelings inside of themselves, where they don’t feel they’re valuable enough or they don’t feel they’re worthy enough. And that core thing creates complication, right? Competition, complication, disconnection from who we really are and how we want to really operate our business.” – Sonya Stattmann

I am craving simplicity more than ever right now! I’d bet you are too. I always love simplicity. ;D

This past year has been such a rollercoaster for each of us, and having an over-complicated business just adds to the stress and worry of it all. I think that no matter where you are in your journey, you could do with streamlining & simplifying your business so that it gives you more ease, joy and freedom. I’m going through this process myself, and it is going to pay off in a big way professionally *and* personally.

“How often do we create businesses that are not our natural strengths? That are not our natural gifts and wisdom? Because we think we have to, because we think we need to be broader, because we think we need to be more? How often do we go and get more degrees, more education, more online classes, to be able to excel in areas that we’re not already a genius in?” – Sonya Stattmann

With all that has happened I want to revisit our five-part series walking you through the process I use to help my clients streamline their businesses. It starts by looking at our feelings of worthiness and why they are the ultimate foundation for our business. If we want to simplify, we need to dig deep first.

Laura and I also explore the insecurities that come up as we build our businesses, why we should resist the temptation to serve everybody, and why reclaiming desire is the key to streamlining everything.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How we get to a place where our businesses feel complicated and overwhelming.
  • Why reclaiming your desire is the first step to a streamlined business.
  • How you can start to examine your feelings of worthiness and how they are shaping your approach to business.
  • Why your business is an extension of yourself and your creativity.
  • How to start giving yourself permission to create a business that gives you joy, ease, freedom and fulfillment rather than anxiety and overwork.

Each episode is a step to simplifying to  bring you peace. Can you imagine how much more you could do in your life and business if you replaced anxiety with joy?

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