I have been involved in the self-development world for most of my life. Growth is a foundational principle in my worldview – I have always wanted to grow, to be more, to be better, to improve, to experience something phenomenal. 

I always believed I could make the world a better place and spent a lot of my life working at it. 

But as I grew older and wiser, I started to question the way we define and perceive growth. And as I worked with more and more women, I learned a lot about how we perceive ourselves and our growth. 

For many women, our desire for growth is rooted in unworthiness. 

We believe we have to do more, be more and accomplish more to be worthy of love, belonging, acceptance, validation and success.
We strive to fix ourselves all the time.
As soon as we accomplish something, we look ahead to the next thing to accomplish.
We never feel complete enough, worthy enough or successful enough to celebrate ourselves.
We go after more degrees, more certifications and more “proof” of our enoughness. 

The truth is that for most of us, the way we pursue growth is supporting the unconscious belief that we are never good enough. 

I am a fan of self-development not because we have to become “more” but because we need to understand ourselves. The more we understand about ourselves, the more of ourselves we can be. 

Over time, I have realized that real growth isn’t about becoming more… it is about removing what is in the way of our greatness. 

We are innately worthy. We are born amazing. We don’t have to do anything to earn that – we are that, intrinsically. 

But as we go through life, some experiences cover up our greatness. We hide more and more of our true selves. We dim our light. We become more tame. We shut down our real voice. 

We start operating outside of our truth and our strengths. We create masks and identities to be accepted and honestly, just to survive. 

This is why we need to shift our perception of growth. We “add” so much to ourselves and our lives that it becomes impossible to keep up. 

Growth isn’t really about adding on to ourselves. It is about removing all of the things that are not aligned with who we really are. It is becoming more shiny. More alive. More real. 

My work is about putting these principles into action. My clients learn to remove the parts of their lives that aren’t aligned with who they are. They learn to perceive who they really are and what they really want. They stop asking for permission to be themselves and they start truly living.  

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