Want to have a growth mindset in business? Make a decision that you are NOT gonna let your business dictate your worth!

Your business success (or failure) has nothing to do with your worth. You are worthy just by breathing. This myth that our worth is dictated by our business results is sabotaging our success.

This is the topic we are tackling in our first podcast of the season. This season we are busting business myths that are getting in the way of women’s success, joy and wealth.

The very first woman who is perfect to help me myth-bust: Laura Shook Guzman!  Together, we break down the myth that “Business Success (or Failure) is Connected to Our Worth.”

Even if we don’t consciously say it, or it doesn’t come out in that way, we often subconsciously believe that our worth is correlated with how well (or unwell) we are doing in our business.

This belief is rooted in our mindset. So often people talk about having a growth mindset in business, but they aren’t really addressing the unworthy issues. When we feel unworthy, it tanks our sales, corrupts our marketing, and makes it hard to effectively deliver our services.

This is one of the reasons I created Worthy Women Collective, to get to the root of business challenges and create a real growth mindset for business.

When we believe in ourselves, our business grows, but the growth has nothing to do with whether or not we are worthy. Doing worthy work is recognizing that we are worthy just as we are and that being ourselves is the key to succeeding in business.

Laura and I dive deep to debunk this week’s myth. I’m so excited to have Laura with me on this topic. As an accomplished psychotherapist, trauma specialist, entrepreneur, and devoted community leader, Laura brings enormous expertise to the conversation.

Why is this our first Myth? Because after working with thousands of women in business, this one myth is at the core of most business challenges. It creates limited success, sabotages opportunities, erects glass ceilings and slows down the process of growth and financial success.

So for Myth #1, we are taking down the notion that business success or lack thereof has anything to do with your worth, value, significance or validity.

We are advocating the need for women to unhook worthiness from their business!

When this happens, it creates the growth mindset you need for business. You easily create more joy, wealth and success.

Join us as we karate chop this business myth:

Where can you follow or work with Laura: 

IG: @consciousambition

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Website: www.laurashookguzman.com


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Thank you for being you. We are so honored to have you as a listener!

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