Your Gut Check

[ The best way to tell if I am the right fit for you ]

My work is NOT for everyone, but it might be for you! I am a big believer in trusting your body’s wisdom. You will know if we are a right fit by seeing how you resonate with what I say below. If you don’t resonate, we just aren’t a good match and I wish you the best. 

Who is a great fit for my work:

Women who have never really fit into the norm.
You have never felt seen or heard, at least not as yourself. You spent a good portion of your life trying to fit in, trying to be validated and accepted, but eventually found yourself exhausted and burned out from the effort.

Women who want to change the world.
You have something burning deep inside of you. A mission, a vision, a spark. You are either on that path now or haven’t figured out how to manifest your internal desire into an external reality.

Women who are reluctant to lead.
Your mission, vision or spark isn’t about ego or fame. You actually prefer to be behind the scenes. You are what I would call a reluctant leader. You were born to lead, but are reluctant because the patriarchal, masculine frameworks of leadership have never worked for you.

Women who want to understand what makes them tick.
Maybe you have always been interested in psychology or what makes humans tick. You have definitely spent some time on the self-development train. You enjoy getting to know yourself and love the idea of becoming your full, glorious self.

Who is  not a good fit:

Women who need the limelight.
You need lots of stimulation, love being the center of attention in a group, and have found it easy to be seen and heard. You are already bold and extroverted. There are plenty of people out there to serve you, but my groups hold a special place for the quiet, sensitive, and introverted. I support the women who have struggled to feel safe in a group because too many other people are stealing the spotlight.

Women who love the hustle.
If you love the hustle and wear it like a badge, we aren’t going to work well together. If you need to be busy all the time, have a million projects on the go, or feel validated the “more” you accomplish, my philosophy will be misaligned with what you need. I am fully anti-hustle and support women to slow down.

Women who need a carrot or a stick.
If you are only motivated by manipulation (the carrot) or by fear (the stick), you won’t do well in my programs. I will not manipulate or “motivate” you. I offer support, education, and opportunity, but you have to show up to do the work. I won’t chase after you. I won’t coerce you. I work with women who can take responsibility for themselves.

Women who are seeking “accountability”.
I hate the word accountability. It was designed by the patriarchy. There is an innate distrust in the self when you seek accountability. My goal is to help you build trust in yourself. I can’t do that if I am holding you “accountable”. Often when we feel we need accountability, it is because we are doing something misaligned. We have to force ourselves to do something misaligned because our innate nature wants to seek alignment. I am here to support every client, to offer a mirror when if need be, and to be fully honest with what I see, but that is NOT accountability.

Dealbreakers for Me:

Racists, sexists and those who uphold the patriarchal frameworks that hold women (and those that identify as women) back from being their full, glorious selves.

People who need to be manipulated or coerced into making a decision or investing in support. I refuse to pretend you are not wise & capable of making decisions for yourself.

People seeking shortcuts and wanting to hack their way through life. Transformation can not be hacked. If you only want surface change, this work is not going to be for you.

Does this sound like you?

[ If so, we can make magic together]


Some of the problems my work solves:

  • Worthiness and value issues
  • Limited success & hitting glass ceilings
  • Misalignment with work
  • Burnout and exhaustion
  • Feeling disconnected to your purpose & desire
  • Over-serving others and under-serving yourself
  • Lack of time & too much hustle
  • Business problems rooted in worthy problems

Are you ready for more?

[ I can help you reclaim these ]


Just some of the results you will get:

More Confidence & power

More time & freedom

The ability to set boundaries & say NO

Awareness of who you really are & what you are capable of

An understanding of your strengths & purpose

The spark of your desire & internal motivation

Clarity about where you want to go

Once you reclaim yourself

[ and all of the resources inside of you ]


You will create:

More wealth

A successful business or

A career you love

Real Freedom

Better relationships

More joy & fulfillment

Intrinsic Leadership & Impact

So what is your gut saying? 

If it is telling you to work with me…then let’s do it. 

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