Let me guess, you are always striving to give more to your clients & potential customers! More content. More love. More energy. More value. More wisdom. More time. You get the picture.

Have I hit the nail on the head?

We often get so deep into our life’s work (while not spending enough time on our worthy work) that we try to offer potential customers & clients everything we’ve got.

I know this gig! I am deeply familiar with this pattern.

But the truth is, the least you have to offer is enough.

Recognizing this is one of the habits of successful women. Let me unpack this a little bit for you.

—–> Less really is more.

Because we are dealing with our fear, worry, anxiety, and “not-enoughness”, we try to constantly give more, but to your potential customers & current clients, less really is more.

We all have a finite amount of attention, time & energy.

The more you give, the more it requires their time, energy & attention to receive, to process, to apply, to implement, to integrate, and to practice.

We all are struggling to keep our head above water, especially with kids, businesses, people we care for…you know ALL the things.

When you throw everything at your clients & potential customers, they struggle to focus or figure out what to pay attention to.

Instead of having more impact, you have less.

What your clients want are direction and focus. They want small pieces they can wrap their head around and that can make a difference in their lives.

I am learning Portuguese right now. My family and I are planning to spend some time in Portugal next year and I love learning a language.

Every day, I spend 10-15 minutes learning and practicing Portuguese. From this small amount of time consistently, I am getting a lot of results. I wouldn’t have the time to do this if I had to spend an hour each day.

Small things make a big difference in helping us get to our goals, but because we are feeling “not enough” we end up giving too much.

—–> Your smallest amount of wisdom is BIG for them

We take for granted how much we know!

Seriously, you are so wise and have such amazing knowledge all stored inside of you. You never see it as enough, but the people around you are mesmerized by the smallest of wisdom.

Sometimes we get so deep into our fields, that we forget that we are masters and our potential customers and clients don’t even know the language we are speaking.

Okay, back to my Portuguese metaphor. I have had to learn basic words first and even then putting a sentence together is so challenging.

What are the basic words you need to give your clients now so they can eventually master the language you are teaching them?

It is important that we recognize what stage our clients are at and give them the smallest amount of wisdom to get to the next level.

I have definitely learned this lesson the hard way (and I am still sometimes learning it). I had people over the years struggle to receive the wisdom I was offering, hit overwhelm or just put my work in the “too hard” basket.

And it wasn’t because of the wisdom I had, but because I was doing and giving too much. I was letting my unworthy thoughts take over and instead of feeling into what they needed, I was trying to prove my program, work or service was enough.

—–> Proving our worth, is not providing more value, but providing less!

This is why the Worthy Work I do with my clients is so important. Worthy work is NOT about doing more work to be worthy, but about doing the work to remove what is in the way of us seeing our innate worth!

Literally, it is doing less!

When we know we are enough, we stop trying to be everything to our potential customers and clients and we focus on just providing the minimum they need to succeed.

Doing less is a healthy habit for successful women – including you.

And I promise you, the least you have to offer is enough.

If you notice you are trying to deliver too much, then maybe it is time to tackle those little feelings of unworthiness.

—–> Let me leave you with a question:

What small things that you deliver have the most impact for those you serve?

(Let me give you a little hint too: often the easiest thing for YOU to deliver has the most impact for them)

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