How I Choose to Live & Embody the Practices I Preach

I am an advocate for walking the talk and embodying the wisdom I teach.

I am constantly learning & constantly growing myself (by removing what is in the way of my essential nature).

I am not trying to be an “expert” or a guru. I am just trying to be more me! I strive to share more of my real self with the world and teach what I am practicing and learning.

I am very committed to my values. Ask anyone who really knows me – I work to be congruent, honest and in my integrity at all times.

I have failed plenty and am humbled on a regular basis.

I have spent my life practicing what I preach. It is important to me to have deeply practiced everything I offer to someone else.

I am learning the lessons I teach over and over again on deeper levels. I spend significant time in my process. There is nothing I ask of my clients that I haven’t first asked of myself.

What are some of the ways I practice what I preach?

  • I am actively reclaiming myself every day
  • I work to use my power, success and freedom to make a difference in the lives of others
  • I stand up for women, minorities and the vulnerable & stand against the patriarchal systems that keep us oppressed
  • I prioritize my internal work: I have sacred days of integration every week and a full week every month
  • I practice having the ethical and moral courage to be my essential self no matter what others want, need or how they judge me
  • I operate in my feminine more than my masculine
  • I do anti-racism work and strive to be more aware of the ways I contribute to white supremacy
  • I often do the “work” alongside my clients as we dive deep into monthly topics like being worthy, wealth, reclaiming our voices, embodying a bigger vision, etc. The more I do the work, the more value they get from my experience
  • I operate in congruity as much as possible and I am always practicing to be even more congruent

Everything I teach has been learned through practice. I don’t regurgitate anyone else’s methods, strategies or indoctrinations. I practice, learn, embody and share.

I have always felt that it is important to work with people who are walking their talk.

If this is how you feel and you align with the way I walk the talk, consider working with me.