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A Powerful Leadership & Personal Development Speaker…

…that changes hearts, minds & organizations. Sonya believes that transformational leadership is rooted in personal development. When leaders step into their power & potential, organizations thrive. As a leadership & personal development speaker, Sonya teaches foundational skills for better leadership & culture cohesion, plus the building blocks for innovation, creativity, personal growth, and team success.

“Sonya Stattmann was such an amazing & engaging speaker for our virtual event! She was able to keep the audience engaged throughout, with the chat function in Zoom and breakouts. She was calm, collected, and very confident in her content delivery. The feedback from folks was very positive and we were able to leave the event feeling inspired and ready to tackle our goals!

~ Home Chef

“We booked Sonya Stattmann. She was amazing and provided a very insightful session on leadership skills & techniques. Our attendees were really happy with how knowledgeable and professional she was.”


“All people should have access to Sonya’s events! Sonya has this magical way of helping people navigate modern life and all of the current uncertainty. It’s an understatement to say that her event transformed my life.”

~ The Little Project Management Company

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3 Reasons to Book Sonya

(And why you want a speaker who understands both leadership & personal development)

1. Engaging & Empowering

Sonya has spent the last two decades as a facilitator, speaker, and coach. She understands what motivates and empowers individuals, groups, and organizations. She brings the audience into every event experientially. She knows that experiencing transformation is more impactful than just being inspired. Participants leave feeling empowered and ready to integrate the lessons into their work & life.

sonya stattmann personal development speaker
2. The Power in Being Human

The root of Sonya’s message lies in the power of being human and the need for all of us to raise our emotional & somatic intelligence, what she calls whole-body intelligence. When we embrace our full potential as humans, we naturally spark our empathy, ability to relate to others, communication skills, and more. All of Sonya’s topics unravel human behavior, psychology, and motivation, so participants can deal with the deeper issues and spark real change.

sonya stattmann leadership speaker
3. Embodied Leadership

Sonya redefines leadership, helping employees, business owners or leadership teams step into whole-body leadership. She teaches how to move from transactional leadership to transformational leadership, and how to shift power dynamics to have a more inclusive and empowering culture. Embodied leadership is about becoming better humans so we can be better leaders. Her unique approach to leadership is motivational & life-changing.

Sonya Stattmann delivering transformational coaching program
Sonya is also an expert in

Virtual Leadership Training & Virtual Keynotes


Sonya has been running virtual events for more than a decade. She offers engaging and interactive experiences online. Some of the ways she can work with your organization and team virtually:

Virtual Training & Workshops

Online Conferences

Fireside Chats or Q&As

Virtual Keynotes

4 Most Popular Workshops:

Emotional Intelligence & Our Super Human Powers


From Goal-Setting to Goal-Getting


Energy Management is the New Time Management


Empowering Ourselves AND Others – Fostering Empathy, Inclusion & Connection

4 Most Popular Keynotes:

Real Growth is a Removal Process


Just Pull on a Thread – Mastering Change & Embracing Uncertainty


Embodied Leadership: Moving from Transactional to Transformational Leadership


Forget Work/Life Balance – Focus on Re-synchronization

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