My New Marketing Strategy- No Social Media!

I really, really, really want to break up with social media. I know, in this digital age it sounds like I’m shooting myself, and my marketing strategy, in the foot. But I have to do it, it just isn’t treating me right.

If social media was my boyfriend, I would have already kicked it to the curb. I see the red flags, I know something’s got to change. I give a lot of energy to it, but it gives me very little in return.

And we have had talks! I’m trying to do the work. I have asked it to give me more, but it just takes and takes. It takes my energy. It takes my attention. It takes my focus.

And worst of all – It constantly tells me I am not good enough.

I don’t have a million dollars. I can’t look that good every single day. I mean, I pretty much live in pajama bottoms or yoga pants. I mean, I do put on a top for Zoom…you know I have standards!

The bottom line is it is taking way more than it is giving and believe me, I have tried to change that.

I have a team, but it still takes up too much of my energy.

I have a very efficient system, but it still distracts me. I find I am looking for notifications and waiting to be seen. And I am pretty good with boundaries. Or at least, I thought I was.

But this relationship just isn’t right.

And now we come to the crux of my dilemma! I have a business to run.

And I don’t just have a business to run, I am the only breadwinner. I have a family to feed, and that means I need new leads and new clients to serve on a consistent basis.

Can you relate?

So I am doing some pretty awesome research. I am determined to break up with social media and create a marketing relationship that is right for me.

You, Reader, are my witness. I have made a commitment to close down my socials in 1 year. A completely new marketing strategy with absolutely no social media!

And before you talk me out of it, it can be done! I have taught my clients for years how to get to 10k+ a month without social media. I didn’t even have a website for more than a decade in my business.

I know a lot of tools, but it gets harder the higher up in income you go. And I have big dreams and lots of impact to make!

It gets harder because we are NOT taught how to market without social media.

In fact, most marketers prioritize social media: Facebook, Instagram, paid ads, Facebook groups, Linkedin leads.

When is the last time you have seen a big-time marketer teaching how to thrive in your business without social media?

I know there are a few, but it is rare.

This social media focus makes marketers more money but doesn’t take into account our energy, or how aligned or misaligned these tactics are with our values.

After all, we have to implement these strategies every day!

We’re told we have to get more followers! Get more leads! Sell, sell, sell!

No thanks, I am done with that.

I am ready to create a deeper and more meaningful relationship with my people.

Now, just so I don’t have haters from this email, I am not saying that YOU can’t use social media. If it works for you. If you love it. If your energy rolls with it. Awesome! Anything can be a tool.

But if you are like me and tired of that imbalanced relationship, join me in my quest.

I will be sharing my insights with you here and there over the next year. I will also be deep-diving into the tools that are working for me in the Collective. It’s the perfect space to share my journey. Everyone in this group is focused on finding their own way to run their business. I’m sure other business owners are thinking the same thing and would love the insight. Or at the very least, they might want to watch a case study live and in action.

I may not have all the answers yet, but I know it is doable! And I’ll be sharing my entire journey with you in the Collective 

Before we can create anything we really want in life, the first step is commitment. So you have seen my commitment.

What I want to show you through this process is that you can create anything you want, your way!

You don’t have to sacrifice your values or your energy.

Here’s to kicking to the curb all of the things that are misaligned in our lives and businesses!

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