EP 24: You Can ALWAYS Change Your Mind

We’ve got a big announcement today… Women in the Business Arena is coming back!

I have made a lot of changes to my business and podcasts over the past year. Some things have worked, and some things haven’t worked as well as I’d like. That is just part of business!

There is nothing wrong with trying something new and not having it work the way you thought it would. The key in this situation is to allow ourselves to evolve and change… instead of getting scared and staying stuck.

So in this episode, I’m pulling back the curtain and explaining what I’ve learned from totally pivoting my business & podcast in 2020. There have been a LOT of lessons, most importantly that the temptation to over-deliver is a powerful and sometimes sneaky one!

Laura and I talk about the importance of growing & evolving in the right container and what you can expect from my podcasts going forward. We talk about why we over-deliver and how to re-align with simplicity and what feels good in our businesses.

I have absolutely loved running The Feminine Lens, and this show has given me so much room to experiment and change. I will be taking all the amazing things I have learned – as well as my wonderful guests – back to Women in the Business Arena, so if you aren’t subscribed, be sure to do that now.

We will be back in June with a new look & feel – I am so excited to share this new chapter with you!

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • What I’ve learned from shifting my brand & business over the past year
  • Why we’re moving back over to the Women in the Business Arena podcast
  • How and why we can fall into over-delivering and how this affects our quality of life & work
  • Why we have to integrate the different parts of ourselves as we evolve our businesses
  • How my identity and role as a business owner & coach has shifted in the last year
  • Why you can ALWAYS change your mind and pivot if something isn’t working or doesn’t feel good
  • How the podcast is going to look, feel, sound, and operate going forward

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