As a woman, how often are you striving to be more? How often are you striving to improve your weaknesses? How often are you striving to accomplish, to achieve, to define yourself in words like ‘success’ that have been written by the patriarchy?

One of my absolutely favorite areas to work on with my clients is the process of reclaiming ourselves.

This is so foundational to not only the work that I do with my clients but the transformation that I think the world needs.

We live in a world of patriarchal, racist, and otherwise broken systems that do not value people for who they are inherently. Every day we swim through hundreds of messages and stories about how we are not good enough as we are – we are not smart enough, wealthy enough, attractive enough, motivated enough, loud enough… the list goes on forever.

These messages can gradually wear down our self-possession and set us on a path toward things that don’t really matter to us. We spend our precious time and energy on things that are misaligned with our essential selves.

This is why it is absolutely crucial for us to reclaim ourselves! We get one shot at this life, and we deserve to go through it as our truest selves.

In this episode, I’m flying solo to talk about the process of reclaiming ourselves. We will talk about how we get lost and how we can find our way back to ourselves. We will talk about how reclaiming ourselves will make us better business owners, leaders, and all-around people. And we will talk about why getting in touch with our desire is so central to this process of reclamation.

Let’s talk about:

  • Why it is so essential for women to reclaim themselves
  • How the patriarchy factors into our ability to possess ourselves
  • The role of desire in the reclamation process and why so many of us are detached from our core desires
  • Why we need to stop seeking validation about our lives, work and leadership from old and broken systems
  • How we can reclaim ourselves, including our voices, our worth, our confidence, our self-belief, and so much more
  • Why I think real growth is about removing the stories & beliefs we have picked up from society

Resources from this episode:

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