One of the things I have been most excited about in launching The Feminine Lens™ is the opportunity to chat with more incredible guests, from poets and activists to business owners and political changemakers.  I am so honored that my first guest on the podcast is the amazing Jessica Care Moore, the founder and CEO of Moore Black Press, executive producer of Black WOMEN Rock!, and founder of the literacy-driven Jess Care Moore Foundation.  Jessica is an internationally renowned and award-winning poet, playwright, performance artist and producer. She is also the author of several books, including The Words Don’t Fit in My Mouth, The Alphabet Verses the Ghetto, Sunlight Through Bullet Holes, and the critically acclaimed Techno Choreopoem, Salt City. 

Jessica joined me to talk about her newest book, We Want Our Bodies Back, which is a poetry collection that speaks to Black women’s creative and intellectual power and expresses the pain, sadness, and anger of those who suffer constant scrutiny because of their gender and race. 

In the interview, we talk about Jessica’s incredible life story, including how she discovered her voice as a poet thanks to some of the trailblazing women that came before her. She also talks about growing up in & returning to Detroit, navigating predominantly White and male environments throughout her career, and what she’s learned about reclaiming and loving her body and her entire self.

We talked about:

  • How Jessica’s childhood – growing up in Detroit, switching from a mostly-White Catholic school to a public school with more Black students, and discovering trailblazing Black women poets – has shaped her life trajectory
  • Why poetry & music have been her chosen mediums for telling her story and the stories of other women
  • Why she wanted to write We Want Our Bodies Back and share her own experiences with having her bodily boundaries challenged
  • What she’s learned about maintaining her identity and passions while also being a mother 
  • How she’s navigated creative and professional environments that have been predominantly White and male, and why she’s created several of her own space for Black women and their art, too 
  • What she wants to change about narratives around sexuality, virginity, femininity and relationships for young girls 

Connect with Jessica:

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