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We all need reminders of our worthiness! It is easy to get stuck in people-pleasing, over-delivering, and trying to “fix” ourselves. Worthy Love Notes are self worth affirmations delivered straight into your inbox to remind you that you are ALREADY ENOUGH! 

You can slow down, stop pleasing others and focus on pleasing yourself! These weekly love notes are one-liner emails to help you start your week right.

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What people have to say about these Self-Worth Affirmations:

“Love this Sonya!”

“Oh wow, this rings so true to me today.”

“Thank you for your messages, they really brighten my week.”

“Thank you for this reminder. ❤️”

“Love it!” 

“It’s been so interesting how your emails have been resonating with me in my time of change.” 

“This is the perfect message for today. 🥰”

“A big yes to everything in this email!”

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You pick your frequency & length

Monday Worthy Love Notes

Weekly, Short Self-worth Affirmations


Every Monday morning you get a short & inspirational email with one to three lines. There is no selling, no additional content…just a reminder about how amazing you are!

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An example of a Thursday Self Affirmation Email
Thursday Worthy Love Notes

Longer Notes for Affirming Self-Love & Healing


Once or twice a month I send longer love notes with insights and thoughts around life, work, purpose, and your worthiness.

Here are a few examples of what you will get: Enriching our soil, Redefining work/life balance, What happens when we embody our worth, The quest to kick social media to the curb.

Affirming your Self Worth Starts with recognizing
that you are worthy just by breathing. 


All my work with women over the years is rooted in this one belief: you are worthy just by breathing. There is nothing more you need to be or do to be worthy. 

In our current patriarchal world, we are taught that worthiness is measured and made. That we are worthy when we have enough success, are “good” enough, or have accomplished x, y, or z. 

We make a mistake and feel unworthy. We don’t create a million dollars and feel unworthy. We don’t get our promotion and feel unworthy. We struggle with life and feel unworthy. 

Real growth and transformation in our lives, work, and relationships is created when we unhook everything to our worth. What happens in our life has NOTHING to do with our worth. It is irrelevant to our worth. 

Normal self-worth affirmations where we keep telling ourselves “I am worthy”, are still rooted in the belief that we aren’t. We try to cover our unworthy feelings with a new coat of paint, but inside we still feel it. 

Worthy Love Notes are about changing your thinking so that you stop connecting your worth to things outside of you and start recognizing that you are already enough, already worthy, and already amazing. 

When you change your perspective, you change everything!

(How these love notes can change your life)


Having worked with thousands of women over the last 21 years, I have seen the way Worthy Thinking™ changes everything. Recognizing you are worthy just by breathing means you shift your unworthy thinking into worthy thinking. 

When you already know you are good enough and perfect just as you are, you can stop over-delivering, letting go of boundaries, and serving others to be worthy. You can operate from confidence, joy, and abundance. 

You make worthy decisions. You choose what is best for you instead of what you think will make you worthy in the mind of others. You choose from abundance instead of not being enough. 

Your work, business, and relationships improve and are re-balanced with worthy thinking. You no longer over-give or over-service others. You no longer charge less than you are worth or give over your power.

Worthy Love Notes are designed to change your perspective and help you see yourself differently. I highly recommend signing up for both Monday and Thursday Worthy Love Notes. You are worth it!