I am so happy it is spring and even happier to introduce this month’s topic: strengths and genius!

This is something I have worked on with hundreds of women. So many of us focus on our weaknesses and pour tons of energy into improving them. We put our attention on what we think we are lacking instead of what we are naturally good at.

I want us to shift this mindset. I want us to forget our weaknesses and focus totally on our strengths!

When we lean into our natural strengths, we create businesses that feel better to run, deliver better results and build more wealth. It is a win-win-win!

In this episode I am laying the groundwork for our conversations about strengths and genius, including why focusing on our weaknesses holds us back from true fulfillment, alignment and wealth.

We will talk about why you are totally worthy exactly as you are now, and why this means that you should tap into your innate zone of genius instead of what you have simply learned to be good at.

Be sure to tune in all month: I will be chatting with Laura, my clients, and a few amazing strengths-based coaches about how we can figure out what our zone of genius is and build our lives and businesses around it.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Why we need to reframe the conversation around strengths and weaknesses
  • What happens when we focus on “improving” our weaknesses instead of leaning into our natural strengths
  • The difference between your zone of genius and your zone of excellence, and which one you should be working in
  • Why working outside of your strengths is ultimately exhausting and unsustainable
  • Why so many women are working outside of their zone of genius and how we can shift into a more aligned business model
  • What we will be talking about this month as we get back in touch with our innate strengths and weave them into our businesses


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