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Sonya Stattmann Transformational Coach for Women

Transformational Coaching

And Embodied Leadership for Women


Reclaiming your greatness is the first step to more success, impact, and freedom


Transformational coaching isn’t about putting a new coat of paint on your career, business, or life…it is about permanently shifting things. And what you shift is you!

We often think of transformation as a path to becoming better or “more” than we are, but what I have learned over the years is that real transformation is about REMOVING from our lives what is in the way of our innate greatness.

—-> As a transformational coach, my work is about helping you find yourself again, deep in your roots. 

It is about YOU reclaiming your gifts, genius, and wisdom. It is about owning your true nature & your natural rhythm. It is about recognizing you are already more than enough.  

Embodied leadership is about putting your whole-body self into your work. When you are operating from your heart, gut, and internal body wisdom, you are the leader you were born to be.

How we can work together

Transformational Coaching Programs

1:1 Monthly Program

Private monthly 1:1 coaching + your own private podcast for prep work, training, and coaching call replays. 

1:1 VIP Day

Private VIP Days for a big shift in a short amount of time. VIP Days have a specific focus and topic. 

Worthy Women Cohorts

Small micro-groups (4-6 women) offer a powerful path to transformation both individually & collectively.   

Example of transformational coach for women
My Unique Coaching Path

And Evidence-Based Work

Step 1

Reclaiming Yourself

The first step is about removing what is in the way of your innate greatness & reclaiming your full self. 

Step 2


Once you have reclaimed yourself, you have to re-align your life and work with your reclaimed self.  

Step 3

Embodied Leadership

Embodied leadership is about doing your whole-body work in the world. You take that inner greatness & let it shine.

Transformational & Evidence-Based Coaching

After working with thousands of women over the last 21 years, I have found that real and lasting transformation requires a series of steps and a specific sequence. As a transformational coach for women, I have taken decades of research, testing, and hands-on experience to create a path to real and accelerated transformation. 


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Ripple effect transformation

Personal transformation has a ripple effect on every area of your life


Deep and lasting transformation requires an inside-out approach, not an outside-in. Many people focus on changing their career, work, business, relationships, and life circumstances when they feel that something needs to change. 

But changing the surface & circumstances has minimal results when the real change has to be in our hearts, minds, and behaviors.

Transformational coaching means shifting the way you look and feel about yourself and that creates a ripple effect in the world around you.

Are you Ready to Work with a Transformational Coach?


Here are a few ways to tell:

You KNOW you are ready for deep, permanent change

You love learning more about yourself and what makes you tick

You want to work with a transformational coach that has decades of experience

You are ready to invest in yourself

You want to really step into your purpose & life’s work

You want to have impact in the world in some small (or big) way

You want to feel more alive & more free

NOTE: There are general or specific challenges I work with and you can see those below, but one other important aspect of the way I work is you have to love or be open to loving podcasts. 

A huge value with my work is getting a curated private 1:1 podcast specifically for you (or your group). In that podcast I give you completely tailored training, exercises and worksheets to get the most from our work together and to support you in between the live coaching sessions. 

It accelerates your growth and is a big part of the transformative work I offer. Being in podcast format means you can easily listen to it on the go, on your run, in the bath or while cooking dinner.  

Client reviews:

A few clients share their experience

Client reviews:

A few clients share their experience

How we can work together

My Transformational Coaching Services

1:1 Monthly Program

This program is great for women who are feeling restless and ready for a big life and/or work change. Whether you want to re-align your career (or business) with your calling or reclaim more of yourself in your relationships, work, and life, this program gets to the roots so you can have lasting, permanent change. 

This option is ideal for women who love to dive in deep & have experience in personal development.  

Each month we work together 1:1 in online coaching sessions and through a curated, private podcast.

What is included: 

Two 1:1 sessions per month (via Zoom or phone)

Unlimited email support

A curated, private podcast just for you

The private podcast gives you easy access to trainings & exercises relevant to what we are working on, as well as replays of our sessions and personal feedback from me. 

Time Commitment: Minimum 3 months 

Investment: $1250/mo USD

If you want to explore whether this is a good fit for you, click the button below. 

1:1 VIP Day

VIP days combine a quick intensive 1:1 experience with a mini-course. Once you commit to a VIP day, I provide you with a private podcast mini-course, training, and exercises to unpack the issues you are wrestling with and prepare for our half-day intensive. We meet for 2-3 hours with a few breaks in between. 

This option is ideal for women who have a very specific problem to solve and want to resolve it quickly.  

I offer VIP days with specific focuses, but if you have something else you want to work on, you can reach out to me. 

Some of the VIP topics I offer: 

Aligning your career and your calling

Capacity & energy management

Building an embodied leadership platform

Business design built around your genius & wisdom

Unpacking tough decisions for clarity

With a VIP day, you have to be willing to invest in solving your problem and make time for the transformation. It is condensed time, but much more of an intensive. 

Time Commitment: 2-3 focused weeks

Investment: starts at $2000 (see the specific topic for details)

I am on hiatus with VIP days until Feb. 2022, but if you want to be notified when I open them up again, join the waiting list. 

Or fill out the form below.

Or fill out the form below.

Worthy Women Cohorts

Worthy Women Cohorts are deep & intimate group programs lasting 8 weeks. Each group holds 4-6 women and consists of weekly group sessions, a group private podcast with training & a private online group platform.

This option is ideal for women who want to combine transformational coaching with a small group atmosphere & community.  

These groups will be curated to the participants, but they follow a flow. At the beginning of the program, each participant chooses a focus. 

Some of the topics we work on: 

Uncovering your essential self

How to pull a thread for clarity & direction

Owning your strengths, genius & wisdom

Getting re-sourced & energy management

Tapping into your worthy thinking

Honoring your body compass & trusting yourself

Tying all of this into your work & relationships

See the Worthy Women Cohorts page for more details.

Time Commitment: 8 weeks

Investment: Starting at $1500 USD

The next Worthy Women Cohorts start in February or March 2022. If you would like to be notified when applications open, join the waiting list. 

Or fill out the form below.

Or fill out the form below.

A few words from my clients

Transformational Coaching Reviews

Client Lacie Coaching review

It’s Still Paying Off!

“Every single day I draw on things I have learned in our sessions. I feel like I am Lacie 2.0. I am always pulling out all my Sonya tools – which still serve me after years. It all applies perfectly to what’s happening right now, only I am at a whole new level. Those tools are still paying off!”

Lacie Taylor
Owner, Math for Keeps

Client Alison Coaching review

So Much Lighter!

“Sonya was such a pivotal person in shifting my mindset and getting me to understand my true talents. Without her support, I would not be earning a 3rd more this year and feeling so free. I am over the moon that this year feels so much lighter and easier. I only worked with you a year go and the amount of change I’ve encountered and adapted to is ridiculous!”

Alison P. Sauter
Founder & Creative Director, Shelf Studio

Client Anna Coaching review

A Moment of Enlightenment!

“I have not come across anyone as honest, intuitive & wise in the self-development world as Sonya. Every event, training, or coaching session with her is a moment of enlightenment – she doesn’t offer a template but holds space for you to uncover your own truth. The skills I have learned in this program are amazing: better communication, self-care, better planning, leadership, and many more.”

Anna Kotchetkova
Owner, Good Social Only

Client Sarah Coaching review

Content, Happy & Aligned!

“The personal transformation has been immeasurable. I came into the work with Sonya feeling like I was hiding a huge part of myself and my past. By working through the program and with support from Sonya, the universe, and divine timing, I felt I was ready to accept my story (the unedited version) and then use my experiences to pave out a path forward in my life that makes me feel content, happy and aligned with who I am.”

Sarah Cannata
Writer, Storyteller & Mentor

Client Cath Coaching review

Blows my Mind all the Shifts!

“I worked with Sonya and it blows my mind because of the shifts and changes that have happened. The work that I have done with her has been so profound for me all around internal shifts. When I first started working with her, I really didn’t know my value, but she helped me very quickly and easily understand the tremendous value I had to offer people. I had no doubts anymore. That was a big factor in my business, very quickly, becoming very successful.”

Cath Gillespie
Meditation & Alignment Coach

Worthy Women Cohorts

“When I met Sonya, I knew that we had to work together. Sonya’s gift is helping you to unfold your genius. She has a way where she cuts through the noise and you start to really see yourself. I came out of my work with Sonya thinking that it was the best investment I have ever made. And after our work together, I knew that I had come home. She enabled me to come back to myself and what I love, in a strategic and beautiful way.”

Kelly Tsagournos
Leadership Coach

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