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Transformational Coaching

And Embodied Leadership Programs


Transformational coaching isn’t about putting a new coat of paint on your life, work, or leadership role…it is about permanently changing things.

Transformational coaching and embodied leadership are about shifting things from the inside out. When you change yourself, you create a ripple effect that touches every area of your life.

—-> As a transformational coach, my work is about helping you remove what is in the way of your greatness.

It is about YOU reclaiming your gifts, genius, and wisdom. It is about owning your true nature & your natural rhythm. It is about recognizing who you really are.

Embodied leadership focuses on putting your whole-body self into your work. It lifts your emotional and somatic intelligence and unravels what is in the way of your natural empathy and connection to others. When you are operating from your heart, gut, and internal body wisdom, you are the leader you were born to be.

How I Support Leaders

My Transformational Coaching Programs

1:1 Retreats in Mexico

Private custom retreats in beautiful Mexico. This is a powerful transformational coaching opportunity for women in leadership.

Online Cohorts

Small micro-groups that offer education & coaching on embodied leadership OR how to re-synchronize your work and life.

Podcast Courses (Coming Soon)

Private podcast mini-courses that allow you to learn foundational steps to embodied leadership and life/work alignment.

Sonya Stattmann delivering transformational coaching program

My Transformational Coaching Path

And Evidence-Based Work


After working with thousands of leaders over the last 21 years, I have found that real and lasting change requires a series of steps and a specific sequence. As a transformational coach, I have used decades of research, testing, and hands-on experience to create a path to real and accelerated transformation. All my work follows the three steps below.

Step 1

Reclaiming Yourself

Before you can improve your life, career & leadership, you have to reclaim your whole-body self & your human super powers. This means embracing your ability to feel and access your whole-body wisdom. This is about reclaiming your voice, gifts, innate worth, and potential.

This step is the most powerful & important in my transformational process.

Step 2


Once you have reclaimed yourself, the next step is to re-synchronize your life and work with that new & empowered self. Often our life and work are out of balance with our greatness and re-aligning it is necessary for more freedom, aliveness, and fulfillment.

When we are aligned in our life and work, we naturally become better leaders.

Step 3

Embodied Leadership

When we reclaim our purpose & genius and become more embodied, we can be transformational leaders. This step in the process is about learning how to channel our gifts into the change we want to see in the world.

It is about both determining our direction and learning to operate in our power and potential.

Picture of transformational sunset

Ripple effect transformation

Transformational coaching has a ripple effect on every area of your life


Deep and lasting transformation requires an inside-out approach, not an outside-in. My clients often come to me wanting to improve their leadership, change their careers, or navigate areas of their life that are no longer working. They often expect to start on the outside. They are looking for logistical support or advice on how to change their circumstances.

—> They don’t always realize that the real work is internal.

Internal work can be challenging, but the best part is that we have full control over our internal arena. Also, when we shift internally, it makes shifting our external world so much easier. Transformational coaching has a ripple effect on your life, relationships, work & how you impact the world.

Are you Ready for Transformational Coaching?


Here are a few ways to tell:

You KNOW you are ready for deep, permanent change

You love learning more about yourself and what makes you tick

You want to work with a transformational coach that has decades of experience

You are ready to invest in yourself

You want to really step into your purpose & life’s work

You want to have impact in the world in some small (or big) way

You want to feel more alive & more free

Client reviews:

A few clients share their experience

Client reviews:

A few clients share their experience

How we can work together

My Transformational Coaching Services

1:1 Retreats in Mexico

These transformational coaching retreats for women include 7 days in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The 1:1 retreat includes time for self-care, relaxation, integration, and a mix of deeply transformational coaching. This is an all-inclusive and immersive experience.

This option is ideal for women who love to deep dive, already have experience with personal development & want a quick but deep transformation in their life, work & leadership.

1:1 retreats are limited but amazing. They are completely customized to your preferences, needs, and desired outcomes. They are deliberate in their design, allowing time away from life and work to make big decisions, create space to think and feel and have the support to make major life transitions.

–> What is included: 

A curated, private podcast for prep work before the retreat

All-inclusive 7-day retreat (excluding airfare)

2 follow-up sessions (via Zoom or phone)

The retreat will be custom designed for you, but in general, it includes car transportation to and from the airport and around town, accommodation, self-care options like massage and facials, trips to hot springs or other excursions, food, entertainment, and private coaching. We spend the week unraveling what is getting in the way of what you want and planning your next steps.

Time Commitment: 7 days in Mexico + time before and after at home

Investment: Starting at $18k (only a few spots every year)

If you want to explore whether this is a good fit for you, click the button below.

Transformation coaching program online groups

Online Cohorts

Online cohorts are deep & intimate coaching programs lasting 3 months each. Each group holds 4-6 people and focuses on either Embodied Leadership or Work/Life Synchronization.

The Embodied Leadership program focuses on uncovering your innate gifts, rhythm, and leadership style, embracing your emotional & somatic intelligence (whole-body intelligence), improving your communication & relationship skills, and using your voice more effectively in the world. It is ideal for those who feel they are already aware of their purpose and ready to be more effective in the world.

The Work/Life Synchronization program focuses on gaining clarity around your purpose, mission, and vision. It helps you define your why and reclaim the power and potential that you have always had inside of you. Once you reclaim more of yourself, we focus on re-syncing your life and work to your new mission. This program is ideal for those ready to shift their career or clarify their life’s work. It is also helpful for those desiring to feel more alive in both their work and life.

–> What is included in both programs each month: 

A private podcast for training, exercises & replays

Monthly live training session (60 min)

Monthly live mastermind & coaching session (60-90 min)

Integration exercises to help deepen the month’s topic

A private Slack workspace for your cohort

Time Commitment: 3 months

Investment: $1050 a month or $2750 upfront

Next Cohorts: September 2022

If you want to explore whether this is a good fit for you, click the button below. 

Transformation coaching program online groups

Private Podcast Courses (Coming Soon)

Private podcast mini-courses allow you to gain bite-size learning & insights all from the convenience of your favorite podcast platform. Whether you regularly listen through Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or more, you have the convenience of tapping into premium content and learning.

My podcast courses focus on foundational steps to embodied leadership & life/work re-synchronization. Not quite ready for a live transformational coaching program? This is the perfect place to start.

–> Some of the topics I cover: 

Emotional & somatic intelligence (whole-body intelligence)

Time & energy management

Tapping into your strengths, gifts & genius

Being embodied in life, work & leadership

Embodied & transformational leadership

Empowering ourselves & others

Embodied business design

Time Commitment: Self-study (1-year access)

Investment: Starting at $25

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Transformational coaching private podcasts

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A few words from my clients

Transformational Coaching Reviews

Client Lacie Coaching review

It’s Still Paying Off!

“Every single day I draw on things I have learned in our sessions. I feel like I am Lacie 2.0. I am always pulling out all my Sonya tools – which still serve me after years. It all applies perfectly to what’s happening right now, only I am at a whole new level. Those tools are still paying off!”

Lacie Taylor
Founder Math for Keeps

Client Alison Coaching review

So Much Lighter!

“Sonya was such a pivotal person in shifting my mindset and getting me to understand my true talents. Without her support, I would not be earning a 3rd more this year and feeling so free. I am over the moon that this year feels so much lighter and easier. I only worked with you a year go and the amount of change I’ve encountered and adapted to is ridiculous!”

Alison P. Sauter
Creative Director for Shelf Studio

Client Anna Coaching review

A Moment of Enlightenment!

“I have not come across anyone as honest, intuitive & wise in the self-development world as Sonya. Every event, training, or coaching session with her is a moment of enlightenment – she doesn’t offer a template but holds space for you to uncover your own truth. The skills I have learned in this program are amazing: better communication, self-care, better planning, leadership, and many more.”

Anna Kotchetkova
Social Media Strategist for Good Social Only

Client Sarah Coaching review

Content, Happy & Aligned!

“The personal transformation has been immeasurable. I came into the work with Sonya feeling like I was hiding a huge part of myself and my past. By working through the program and with support from Sonya, the universe, and divine timing, I felt I was ready to accept my story (the unedited version) and then use my experiences to pave out a path forward in my life that makes me feel content, happy and aligned with who I am.”

Sarah Cannata
Writer, Storyteller & Mentor

Client Cath Coaching review

Blows my Mind all the Shifts!

“I worked with Sonya and it blows my mind because of the shifts and changes that have happened. The work that I have done with her has been so profound for me all around internal shifts. When I first started working with her, I really didn’t know my value, but she helped me very quickly and easily understand the tremendous value I had to offer people. I had no doubts anymore. That was a big factor in my business, very quickly, becoming very successful.”

Cath Gillespie
Meditation & Alignment Coach

Worthy Women Cohorts

“When I met Sonya, I knew that we had to work together. Sonya’s gift is helping you to unfold your genius. She has a way where she cuts through the noise and you start to really see yourself. I came out of my work with Sonya thinking that it was the best investment I have ever made. And after our work together, I knew that I had come home. She enabled me to come back to myself and what I love, in a strategic and beautiful way.”

Kelly Tsagournos
Executive Coach & Leadership Facilitator

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