In all my work with women, I find that exploring worthiness and its connection to money is always one of the deepest, most challenging & most illuminating journeys we can take together.

Money is so central to our lives and culture, but for many of my clients it is not a core motivator. Many of them think of their work and clients first and money second.

While I admire my clients’ dedication to their people & their craft, I know that when women hold themselves back from wealth, it ultimately serves nobody. So why do we do it?

It is common to experience shame, frustration, guilt, and unworthiness when we think about or interact with money. Many of us dismiss these little-T traumas, but when we leave them unaddressed they seriously add up. Combine that with all of the messaging women receive about being “bad with money” and you can see why a lot of us never step into our fullest money-making capacity.

My forever co-host Laura is back with us today to share a somatic & therapeutic perspective about women, wealth & worthiness. We are keeping the focus on the internal side of the worthy work today, rather than diving into the strategy or the numbers.

We talk about how our beliefs, experiences, and our trauma can drive the challenges we experience with wealth, and how we can get our mind & body on the same wealthy page.

This is such an important area to explore on your own and with a trusted coach or community. You deserve to step into your worthiness!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How little-T trauma around money can prevent us from creating the wealth we want
  • Why it is so important to focus on the internal aspects of the wealth conversation – not just the external
  • The links between systemic issues that impact women and our individual beliefs about money, value & worthiness
  • How to look at wealth and worthiness with a feminine lens, not just the traditional masculine one
  • Why safety is such an important feeling to cultivate around wealth (and why so many women struggle to feel it)
  • The individual & collective meanings we’ve ascribed to money and how they affect our self-worth
  • Why the worthy work is so critical for shifting our mindset around wealth & money
  • How connecting with your worthiness will transform your perspective of money

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