What if self-development was about accepting ourselves and allowing integration rather than “fixing” ourselves?

The language around personal and professional growth is telling. We’re told that we’re supposed to be working on ourselves, finding and fixing problem areas. That we’re not worthy unless we resist the parts of ourselves that don’t fit the traditional, masculine frameworks of leadership.

This week on Women in the Business Arena, we’re exploring ways to grow that embrace and integrate, rather than divide and conquer, our authentic selves.

Integration is a practice that enables growth by starting from a place of allowing. It means welcoming in our past traumas, our discomfort, our feelings, and all the other parts of ourselves that we’re taught to think of as negative. Instead of trying to resist these parts of ourselves, we can treat them with kindness and compassion, and come to love them as parts of our whole, authentic selves.

If we can do that with all the parts of ourselves, and all of the emotions that we experience, it makes life easier. It uses so much less energy, and it allows us to direct the power we’re saving toward moving in the direction we truly want to go.

One of the strongest barriers between us and the growth we’re seeking is internal and invisible. It’s rooted in the ways women were taught that certain parts of us are good and meant to be nurtured, while others are bad and should be rejected. We waste so much energy trying to block off or hush up feelings that we’re taught to fear.

Laura and I want you to know that all the parts of your very human self are worthy. When we honor all our emotions and energies, we can turn our time and energy to integrating them, and moving forward as our whole, complete, authentic selves.

In this episode in our series on growth, we’ll help you start to remove the obstacles between you and the self-acceptance and self-love you deserve.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Reclaiming the energy we waste trying to fix ourselves.
  • Looking at the parts of yourself as aspects to allow rather than problems to solve.
  • The ways that integrating our whole selves helps us identify our priorities and make choices that are aligned with our values.

The title and theme of this episode were inspired by “The Guest House,” a poem by Rumi. https://www.scottishpoetrylibrary.org.uk/poem/guest-house/ 


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