Why I am committed to Ethical Marketing

I believe you are a sovereign being!

I trust you to empower yourself, make your own decisions and know what is right for you.

This means that I don’t need to manipulate you into buying from me.

I don’t need to provide you with the “motivation” to buy now. I don’t need to trick you into seeing what my work will do for you. I don’t provide scarcity prompts or create FOMO. Why?

Because you are a grown-ass woman and you can make decisions for yourself.

Unfortunately, this is not the stance most business owners take in this day and age. Instead, you are bombarded by unethical marketing every single day.

You have probably been the victim of pressure sales at least once in the last year. You have probably been hit with calculated FOMO, too. You have definitely experienced some form of manipulation in the form of “charm pricing” (e.g. $297 versus $300), countdown timers or false scarcity in the last year.

Marketers do these things because they often work, but there is a deeper problem at work here.

These business owners get quick wins, but they perpetuate the disempowerment of their clients. They propagate the dangerous idea that you can’t decide for yourself what is right for you.

Believe me, I have been “educated” by plenty of salespeople. They claim that it is in the best interest of your clients to be manipulated. You are helping them transform! They don’t know what they need and you are helping them get over the line! I have heard so many versions of this argument for unethical marketing it would make your head spin.

Do you see how dangerous this is?

To be honest with you, I have tried plenty of unethical marketing moves in my 20-year career. I thought that was what you had to do to get clients. And in truth, when I did try to be ethical, I often lost clients – those that were tempted by shiny offers and lulled into false promises of freedom, millions and more.

So years ago, I made a commitment of my own!

I would fully commit to ethical marketing. It didn’t matter if I lost clients to the dark side. 😀 Those clients weren’t the right ones for me. I wanted women willing to decide for themselves. I wanted women willing to TRUST themselves. I wanted clients that resonated with my message and felt that I was the right fit.

So, what does ethical marketing look like? What does it entail?

Well, like my anti-racism work, this is always unfolding – but here are some of the current marketing guidelines that I follow in my business:

  1. I trust my leads, followers and community to make decisions for themselves. I will not coerce, manipulate or “motivate” them into working with me.
  2. I believe you are good enough and innately worthy. I play a supporting role and can offer a perspective that guides your journey. I can accelerate your path. But I am not “the solution”. I don’t have “the secret”. I don’t believe you will fail without me. I will not shame you for making another choice.
  3. I commit to transparency and honesty in my marketing, sales and all operations in my business.
  4. I will not inflate my pricing to follow the lead of my industry; instead, I will create pricing that is fair for the experience and value that I offer.
  5. I will do things that are in the best interest of my clients AND in the best interest of myself. I will give my clients the best of myself, which means I will protect my capacity and honor my self-care. I will also honor their capacity and self-care.
  6. I believe in “best fit”, so I am open and transparent about who I am and what I offer to ensure that I attract the best-fit clients. All pre-clients are able to self-select based on that transparency.
  7. I will never set up a value ladder or system that is deliberately intended to upsell at every step. Every offer and service is based on providing clear value. I am strategic in how I market, but my focus is always on offering my flagship (because it is the best of me!). If I have a tiny offer or bonus course it is because it feels good to me and provides value, NOT because I see it as a pathway to “convince” you to keep working with me. These are nuances, but intention matters.
  8. I will NOT do performative marketing and pretend to follow social issues to leverage my marketing. I will work to transform social conditions that I think are wrong and unfair. I will fight to create equity and justice. I will do the internal work before I do the external activism. I will only speak about social issues I am actively involved in solving.

I really love The Ethical Move and follow these guidelines and more. If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend checking it out.

I am always working to be more ethical in my marketing and more congruent with my mission and values.

This work not only relates to the way I operate my own business but also to the methods and systems I teach my clients. So if you want to learn unethical marketing tactics, I will not be a good fit for you.

If you want to join a group of women building their business & their bank account without compromising their values, click here

If more of us can commit to transparency, honesty and trust in the sovereignty of our customers, we can change our industries. We can change the way sales & marketing operate. We can create a world that honors women instead of constantly, subtly telling them they are not good enough.

I am so ready for this change! How about you?

About Sonya Stattmann

Sonya spent the last 21 years helping thousands of leaders create more ease, alignment & success in their lives, work & business. Her personal development & leadership programs offer individuals permanent & lasting transformation that has a ripple effect on all areas of their lives. Her corporate speaking & leadership workshops transform organizations. She has two podcasts and a TEDx talk called Moving Beyond #Empowerment. She is currently traveling around the world with her husband and two children.

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