In this week’s episode we are busting the myth that you have to be an expert! I believe that the current obsession with being an expert not only distracts us from recognizing the wisdom and genius inside of us, it also contributes to women and imposter syndrome. 

Imposter syndrome is being worried that we are a fraud, that somehow we aren’t as good as others in our field and industry. The whole idea that we have to be an expert continues to perpetuate these feelings and it contributes to women feeling imposter syndrome.  

But who decides who is an expert? 

It is also interesting how so many experts are white men. Women feel imposter syndrome, but men actually claim to be experts before they even know what they are doing. 

I see so many women adding more education, degrees, coaching and certifications onto their already amazing wisdom and experience because they feel they have to “prove” they are an expert. 

But guess what? You DON’T have to be an expert…

…to succeed in business
…to attract clients
…to build trust
…to feel confident
…for any reason at all! 

This is a myth I see perpetuated over and over again in the business arena. Everyone is trying to out-expert each other. 

I am over it and I bet you are too. 

I am honored to have Natalie Miller on as my special guest. She is an incredible mindset coach and woman activist.

Together we unpack the concept of “expertise” and reframe it in a way that is more empowering, and honestly a huge relief! So many women are struggling with imposter syndrome because they believe they have to be someone else’s definition of an expert before they can show the world their wisdom.

Natalie Miller is a boldly feminist coach who helps evolutionary leaders break free from the golden cages they’ve achieved themselves into: the work, roles, relationships, and everyday lives that look lovely but feel confining. Coaching with Natalie, they learn to trust themselves to walk their talk, live generously, do what they really want, and get as BIG as they know they’re meant to be. Get started with your feminist magic lessons on Natalie’s weekly podcast,
Mind Witchery

Join us as we discuss: 

  • Whose perception determines who is really an expert
  • How can anyone tell us HOW to do something, and know that it is aligned with our values and goals?
  • How do we navigate the world when the world devalues our experience
  • And how do we show up for ourselves and honor our unique wisdom

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