Myth #6: Being a White, Anti-Racist Business Requires Perfection or Performance

This week, our business myth-busting series takes on a difficult but vital topic; does being an anti-racist business require perfection or empty performance? We talk to Dr. Sunshine Kamaloni about the work white business owners must do, internally and externally, to understand their role in white supremacy, and de-center whiteness in their thinking and their business practices.

Sunshine Kamaloni, BA Hons, Ph.D., is a writer, speaker, unapologetic idealist, and advocate for a more feminine approach to social justice and equity. Her work aims to disrupt, question, and shift long-held narratives about justice in order to encourage new and more embodied ways of being in the world. Sunshine can help you learn to advocate for the things you’re passionate about in a way that is authentic to you and rooted in your feminine power.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The importance of empathy, curiosity, and genuine desire in sustaining anti-racist practices.
  • How to embrace and overcome the fear of failure that keeps white business owners from stepping up.
  • Policies and practices that go beyond checking boxes to build a more equitable and just business.
  • Why anti-racism is a constant work in progress.

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