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Myth #2: You Should Always Be Focused on Business Growth

One of the greatest myths in business is that we should always be running after more money, more clients, more followers, and more validation. We believe that everything we do should be about growth, growth, growth! This myth not only leaves you exhausted, but is actually detrimental to your business growth.  

In this episode, I brought on three amazing guests: Cass Ghiorse, Carolyn McCall, and Merrilee McCoy to debunk this myth and discuss how important it is to give yourself permission to breathe.

More about our guests:

Cass Ghiorse is a body integration teacher, breathwork facilitator and the founder of MIDLINE: a methodology that supports people in understanding and connecting to their core Self in essence and expression.  

Carolyn McCall is a non-profit consultant and community program designer. She collaborates with women to gently magnify the value and impact in their programs to create more positive change in the world. 

Merrilee McCoy is a creative, learning designer and storyteller. She creates and holds spaces for transformational learning in organizations – shifting workplace cultures to more inclusive spaces where people feel safe to be themselves.

Join us as we debunk this myth that we always have to be growing our business. We also discuss: 

  1. Why we get hooked into the need to keep growing
  2. How being busy all the time is detrimental to our business
  3. The importance of giving yourself permission to have space in your business

Where can you follow each of these women:

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