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Today, we wanted to explore the topic of money: specifically looking at value, investing in your business and the money mindset. In my experience, women are often uncomfortable talking about money, especially when they are in business for themselves. In your own business, money can feel like it is directly tied to your value. What […]
Today, we wanted to talk about how to know when it is time to walk away from your business. Can we get to a time in our business when it is clipping our wings and stopping us from having more liberation? There is a lot out there about launching or growing a business, but not […]
Today we are talking about putting our empowerment oxygen mask on first before we help those around us. This doesn’t mean that we have to be perfect, but that we are putting our own inner work first. The real work of empowerment is deep work, it is vulnerable work and sometimes we use helping others […]
Over the last few weeks, I have really been thinking about this idea of reclaiming myself. Taking back the pieces of my life and self that I feel I have lost. In today’s modern world, women put themselves last…after their businesses, their families, their friends and their to-do list. We might steal a few moments […]
Today we are talking about a really important part of the journey to liberation and success and that is shifting your mindset. What is great about what we dive into in this episode, is the definition of mindset and what that really means. I think there is a lot of confusion around how to shift […]
We are opening ourselves up this episode to discuss a topic that is uncomfortable and vulnerable. We are going to share with you our very imperfect conversation. We were compelled with everything happening in the world right now to talk about the white elephant in the room and to start a conversation about white privilege, […]
How easy is it really to juggle motherhood and business? Is there liberation in the madness? Today, we are doing an overview of our experience and a few tips around being mothers in business. It is a crazy ride, and Laura and I have had our fair share of challenges with it. If you already […]
This is my favorite episode so far as we deeply dive into the topic of ambition and how it relates to women. A lot of women feel ambitious, but don’t feel safe talking about it. We talk about how women are stuck because we are pushed to be ambitious and told we can achieve anything […]
I have been noticing lately that a lot of entrepreneurs are scattered in their attention and direction…we can all be guilty of trying to do way too many things in our business. This definitely slows down our success and can lead to overwhelm and exhaustion. Whether it is multiple businesses, multiple roles or way too […]
Everyone talks about their desire to break free, whether, from a job, a relationship or the pressures of life, but very few people talk about what comes AFTER the initial high of breaking free. There is a honeymoon period to liberation and I have found that learning to navigate the highs and lows of liberation […]
Many women are trying to do it all, instead of learning to stay aligned with their life purpose. In business, I see amazing entrepreneurs struggle to stay in their own lane and zone of genius. Today, Laura and I dive into this topic of staying in your own lane. We take a powerful detour into […]
Emotional intelligence is one of our superpowers as women, yet the world around us still teaches us that we should suppress our emotions in business. Today, we are looking at the power of our emotions and specifically how suppressed anger can lead to exhaustion and keep us from truly being free. This is an exciting […]
We know with amazing research by thought leaders like Brene Brown that vulnerability is power, but where do you draw the line between being more vulnerable and authentic in your business and oversharing. We talk about how true vulnerability creates more connection with the people your business touches, whereas oversharing creates disconnection. This is a […]
Today we are truth-telling and talking about the “hype” around freedom and being in business. So often liberation is romanticized, and I believe this is one of the biggest obstacles to actually experience the life and business we want. If you really want more freedom, this episode is for you. Find More Support For Women […]
I often get asked about “HOW” you transition into more liberation, especially when you are worried about security and stability. So, today I am exploring the key components to creating a meantime plan and shifting out of your corporate job or unhappy business and into a new business that allows you more freedom? I give […]
Yes, shame & resilience have a direct impact on your success or failure in business. Today, Laura and I will define and explore these feelings and tell you some of the ways to navigate them as they come up in your life. Shame is powerful and when it is used in an open and authentic […]
When you feel like walking away from your business, you need to be able to determine if it is just a challenging time or if it is time to throw in the towel. Today I am exploring a question I’ve been asked by many women time and time again: when do I let go of […]
Today we are exploring one of my favorite topics, and it is something I think is often misunderstood. Laura and I dissect feminine and masculine energy and look at how it impacts our ability to lead and succeed in business. Operating in the wrong energy is also a primary cause of exhaustion, overwhelm, and unhappiness. […]
Creating liberation isn’t a quick or instant thing; it is a constant practice. In today’s world of instant gratification, we need to look beyond the quick win and see the value in building our skills around creating liberation and success. Every day you have hundreds of opportunities to choose liberation over limitation. Now is a […]
Liberation is not an easy path. It requires us to go through times of pressure and stress, which I consider “crunch” times. In this episode, we explore what the “crunch” times feel like and some tools and tips for getting through them. If you are a woman in business or starting a side hustle, this […]
Freedom requires you to go deeper into your truth and look at what is really there. In today’s society, we are often focused on surface issues and solutions. In order to experience real liberation, we have to be willing to dive deeper. In my almost two decades of experience working with women in business, I […]
Get to know Sonya Stattmann the creator of this podcast and a Success Strategist for women in business. Before we take you on the liberation journey, we thought it was important for you to know who you are listening to. In this episode, my co-host Laura Shook Guzman interviews me. I talk a little bit […]
Get a chance to know Laura Shook Guzman, my sidekick and co-host. Before we take you on the liberation journey, we thought it was important for you to know who you are listening to. n this episode, I interview my co-host, Laura Shook Guzman. She is my soul sister. We met as single parents and […]
This is a brief overview of The Liberation Lab for Women in business (now Women in the Business Arena. In this podcast, we are going to explore what it takes to create freedom and success as women in business. We want to take apart complex topics that are affecting our ability as women to experience […]