I am so lucky to have Shondell Varcianna, owner of Varci Media, with me to discuss wealth, worthiness, and business on this week’s podcast!

Shondell is the owner of Varci Media, a content writing company that helps financial institutions save time by creating content that speaks to their target audience. She is a writer, business owner, wife, friend & mom.

Shondell started out in an incredibly male-dominated industry – finance – and founded her content writing company after building popularity in the personal finance world thanks to her strong work ethic & constant willingness to grow & evolve. Especially when it comes to money!

In this episode, Shondell shares her story including her early career days, how she paid off two mortgages by 31, and some of the pivotal moments that transformed her thinking around money and wealth.

We explore the emotions that impact our sense of worthiness and some of the disparities Shondell witnessed in the financial world. She also talks about what wealth means to her beyond money, how to create reference points for yourself around success, and why delegation is such an important part of her strategy to build wealth and a beautiful, balanced life.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How & why Shondell started working at age 12, and how this prepared her for a career in finance and eventually entrepreneurship
  • What she learned about money & saving in childhood that shaped her approach to work in her early career
  • Why Shondell believes that relationships have to be at the core of your work
  • The inequalities she witnessed in the financial world and some of the glass ceilings she encountered in the middle of her successful career
  • How meeting her husband helped her realize that starting a business would be a great next step for her skills, creativity & ambition
  • Why it is so important to get comfortable challenging your beliefs, especially around worthiness and wealth
  • What goes into Shondell’s wealth mindset and how she stays open to growth
  • How she incorporates her self-care, family, marriage, and friendships into her definition of wealth

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