So… how are you liking The Feminine Lens™ so far? 

I launched the show with four amazing episodes that showed what the feminine lens looks like in action. We talked about business, activism, art, mental health – all arenas where using a new, different approach will help us get some radical results. 

I am loving the flexibility to talk about so many different things I am passionate about, but I wanted to circle back to cover one of the most fundamental questions we’ll be exploring over the life of this podcast:

Why is it so important for the world to embrace a feminine lens?

We are actually going to be exploring this topic throughout December – it is the first of many amazing monthly topics we are going to dive into. So I wanted to start with a solo episode that shares my perspective on the words “feminine” and “masculine” and how I use these terms in my work. 

We’ll talk about some of the distortions that often pop up around these terms, why everyone has feminine and masculine energies regardless of their gender, and how the feminine has been systematically devalued in our society.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How I’m going to be structuring the podcast & why I love to dive deep into monthly topics
  • Why I’ve called the show The Feminine Lens™ and why the world really needs this perspective
  • Common distortions and misunderstandings around the terms “feminine” and “masculine”
  • How I use these terms and why I look at them with a neutral perspective
  • Why we all have both of these energies within us
  • How our culture teaches us to devalue the feminine while worshipping the masculine
  • Why I think embracing a feminine lens will help us get to the core of so many of today’s big problems

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