You are Worthy just by Breathing!

There is nothing MORE you need to do or be to succeed in your business

~ Let’s start by honoring how far you have come ~


You have been juggling your business & your life, the needs of your clients with the needs of your loved ones, and the energy to sustain your work with the need to sustain yourself.  

You have been people-focused over profit-focused & you have tried to live your values in everything you do. This alone deserves a standing ovation!

You are amazing & worthy of EVERYTHING you desire.

Sometimes we just need to stop & remember that.

I will be honest…running a business is hard. 

It stretches us to our limits. It brings up our fear, insecurities and feelings of unworthiness. It challenges our faith & makes us question why we created a business in the first place. 

It doesn’t help that most business spaces and support programs perpetuate these feelings by telling us who we need to be in order to succeed.

These environments practice hustle, breed comparison, practice unethical marketing & highlight quick wins, but they don’t support the long-term success we are aiming for.  

Most of us have been taught that there is a “right” way to run our business, regardless of who we are or how we operate.

But what if I told you there was another way?

There is another way to grow & operate your business:

  • One that aligns with your unique nature & energy
  • One that prioritizes creating space over hustle
  • One built on your values rather than going against your values
  • One that supports ethical marketing & authentic sales
  • One that allows you to have a life, thriving with balance & freedom
  • One that lets you do less (a lot less) but get more return on your effort
  • One that has an impact in the world without compromising your health or family

Here is the truth: What we have been sold about business and how to run it, is a lie. It is designed to make business experts more money and perpetuate the patriarchal systems.

Building a different kind of business requires a different approach!

~ One rooted in realizing your innate worth & building a business aligned with your genius ~

Welcome to the Worthy Women Collective

This is a place where you can remove what isn’t serving you, kick “performing” to the curb and find a space to be your real & glorious self. 

Here you can slow down, access a more supportive business environment and learn to operate your business in a way that best serves YOU.


~ It’s a whole different kind of business group and program ~

Let’s start with talking about

Worthy Work

Operating our businesses in a different way means building them from the inside out and the inside needs to be rooted in worthiness. 

When I talk about worthy work, it is not about doing more work to be worthy, but removing what is in the way of seeing and honoring our innate worth. Because YOU have been worthy since birth. 

Worthy work is about doing less work for much more!


~ More freedom. More wealth. More power. More focus. More alignment. More joy. ~

Worthy work means we stop trying to be all things to all people and find a way to be only ourselves. 

Worthy work means we stop over-delivering, over-functioning and over-owning responsibility for everyone else and start focusing our energy on OUR greatest desires and dreams. 

Worthy work is raising our prices, setting boundaries & asking the people in our lives to take on more of the emotional or domestic labor so we can have the space to fill ourselves up.

Worthy work is rebalancing our lives & business so we can thrive.  

Every aspect of this group is rooted in worthy work & designed for building space into your life & sustainable growth into your business

Worthy work for every stage of business:

[Before starting your business]


  • Confidence to take the leap
  • Clarity about your direction
  • A solid foundation to start with
  • Resilience to deal with other people’s fear & criticisms of your big move
  • Clarity around your unique genius & wisdom so you can align your business with your strengths

[First year of business]


  • Confidence to navigate all of the first-year challenges
  • The ability to avoid the pitfalls most new business owners encounter
  • Clarity around your direction & daily decisions
  • More mastery with setting boundaries, charging more & saying NO
  • A supportive community that gets you

[Pivoting or re-aligning biz]


  • Awareness of where you need to re-align or pivot your business
  • More fulfillment, freedom & success
  • The power to fully step into your value & stop trying to do it all
  • Clarity on the blocks that are limiting your success
  • Confidence to make the changes necessary for growth

[Scaling or growing biz]


  • The keys to busting through your glass ceilings
  • Awareness of what has been keeping your business a fraction of what you KNOW you are capable of
  • Confidence to step up to a bigger playing field
  • The ability to have both time & money – not one or the other
  • Sustainable growth

Why I started this group!

I needed a group like this…and I never found it


I have been in business for more than 20 years. For so long I felt like I was a fish swimming upstream against unethical marketing, against racism and sexism in the business world, and against hustle culture and the ill effects that has on our life and business. 

I looked for a different way to operate business, and in the end, I had to create it for myself. 

I have had the honor to work with thousands of women in business over the years and I learned a lot about what works and doesn’t work for those of us who don’t fit into the traditional, patriarchal business spaces. 

This space is for those women with a passion for their mission but by nature are quieter, more introverted, more feminine, more empathic, more real, more honest about their capacity and their struggle. 

It was designed for a woman like me! 

And the many, many women I have worked with over the years searching for validation that they are not alone swimming upstream. 

Sometimes swimming upstream can feel exhausting, but I have built a system and method that makes it so much easier to succeed. 

A few words from women in the Collective

To say that Sonya has had a transformational effect on my life would not be an overstatement. Her guidance is always spot on – but more than that, she makes me think really deeply and consider what I truly feel about not just my business, but also myself. If you ever have the chance to access her wisdom and support, do not hesitate.

Michel Hudson

CFRE and owner, 501(c)onsulting

Sonya’s work is uniquely insightful because she approaches business through a lens unlike any other coach I’ve worked with. Focusing on skill-building over tactics, Sonya creates space to do the real work that leads to meaningful, motivating changes in life and in business.


Merrilee McCoy

Head of Learning Design, Culture Hero

Through Sonya’s guidance, I have experienced tremendous personal growth and transformation. She’s helped me find my voice to speak my truth, challenge my limiting mindsets & finally begin to embrace who I am.

Tina DeValk

Online Business Manager, Tina DeValk

What is included in the Collective?

[ How you will get access to me and my work ]

[Click an icon to learn more]


Worthy Training

Live Events
& Coaching



This is not just another online program!

I facilitate and guide your growth based on my 20+ years of experience & wisdom. I am intimately involved in the community and every aspect of the program. You are fully supported!

Curated Community

A powerful community of women



I have created a safe space for women to do the worthy work, listen to their own wisdom, and hold space for others to build self-trust.

I curate the group to ensure that all members are supportive and aligned. This group encourages practice and integration, not performance and perfection.

It is designed for learners, deep-feelers, introverts, healers, quiet or reluctant leaders and women who have never “fit” into traditional business spaces.

This is a sacred, intimate group.

Designed & private community space (not another Facebook group!)

Everything in one space

Available on desktop, tablet or mobile app

Weekly Worthy Training

Bite-size, weekly exercises


Every month I choose one topic for us to explore in-depth. This allows us to dive deep on topics like money & wealth, desire & vision, and reclaiming your voice.

I have cultivated these topics through decades of work with women and by assessing where the group’s interest lies. These are powerful topics that have transformative effects on your business, no matter what stage you are in.

Every week I give you a bite-size exercise to explore on your own before we share our insights with the group.

You will explore powerful, transformational themes!

Access on desktop, mobile app or on my private client podcast feed

Small weekly exercises you can do on your own schedule

Each exercise is rooted in worthy work

Live Events & Coaching

Exciting monthly events live with Sonya


We meet 3-4 times a month for a live group coaching call aligned with our monthly theme. 

Each coaching call is structured differently. We usually have a Worthy Workshop to introduce the month’s theme so you can have a solid foundation of the topic. We have a Worthy Gathering where you get to explore the month’s topics more intimately with other women in the group.

We always have a Virtual Retreat to practice “being”, self-care and integration. We also often have Business Office Hours where you can bring your questions & access Sonya’s business wisdom.

Each event is designed to facilitate transformation.

Opportunities to access my extensive coaching experience & get your questions answered

Replays are available for most events both in the group space & the private podcast feed

These are interactive and intimate events (not just a webinar!)

Self-paced Courses

Designed courses for impact


I have spent decades teaching live events and online courses. The courses included in the Worthy Women Collective are streamlined and impactful, focused on the most important lessons and frameworks for growth.

They include topics like understanding desire, staying aligned with your vision, owning your value, setting boundaries, navigating relationships, power dynamics, money & wealth, knowing your strengths and much more.

The courses are dripped to give you time to work with them and each one is designed to give you the tools to master the next course.

You will have access to time-tested lessons that reframe your business and yourself!

Curated content for impact (not an overwhelming vault)

I offer the best of my 20+ years teaching & coaching

Courses offer a deeper level of learning

Time Guides

Get the most from the time you have


We all are in different seasons of our lives and businesses. Sometimes we have lots of time to get every morsel out of what is offered and sometimes we need to know how to get the most from the little time we have.

I have created time guides to help you get the most from this program for the season you are in now.

Design this program for your individual circumstances.

Focus and block recommended time

Avoid overwhelm or FOMO

3 levels: “Minimal Momentum”, “Next Level” and “All In”

Are you ready to reclaim your innate worthiness?

Who is a good fit for this community?

[ How to know if this is right for you ]

You have a business (or desire one)

Any woman can do worthy work, but this group does worthy work in the context of business. If you have no interest in having a business, this is probably not the group for you.

You are excited about doing the worthy work

You know on some level you are struggling with your value, and the idea of business is bringing up your unworthy feelings and self-doubt. You are excited at the thought of finally addressing this in a safe, supportive environment.

You are committed to social justice & integrity

I am committed to anti-racism, social justice & ethical marketing. If you aren’t committed to this, we are not a good fit. There is zero toleration in my group for racism & unethical business practices.

You are a learner & love knowing more about yourself

You love to learn about yourself, psychology, life, business & the world. You are in your happy place with a good book or amazing podcast. You love diving deep into topics that matter to you.

You don't fit in to traditional biz spaces

You have never fit into the hustle, bro-marketing, ego-driven business spaces. You aren’t loud or showy and you are done trying to be. You want to operate your business in alignment with your values.

Frequently Asked Questions

[And other information]

What will I specifically learn in this group?

The group is designed to accomplish two core goals:
1. Give you the tools and support to reclaim yourself & your innate worth so you can be free and create whatever you want (including a more successful business).

2. Provide a safe space to be yourself, build self-trust and PRACTICE ongoing worthy work with other women who are focused on this same mission.

How is this group different from all the others out there?

First of all, this group is created through a different lens than most business groups and self-development groups. I have spent decades learning hands-on everything I teach in this program. You will not find content like mine anywhere else!

In addition to the content, this group has been consciously curated. You have to apply to get accepted and I personally ensure this is a safe and focused space to learn, grow and engage.

The whole group is designed to help women reclaim themselves and recognize their innate worth and then use that transformation to grow their business.

Every course, weekly lesson, event & guide is streamlined. There is no vault or dump of everything I have ever taught. The content is organized to have impact.

This space is safe for all women. There is a zero toleration policy for racism, micro-aggressions, discrimination, unethical behavior, bullying, catty behavior and anything that diminishes a member of this group in any way.

This group will NOT be like any you have ever been a part of. Just give it a try!

What if this group isn’t right for me? Can I get my money back?

I do some pretty heavy lifting to ensure only “right fits” get in. I want you to gut check this page, my website, my podcast and ensure you like my perspectives and are aligned with my values.

Part of my ethical marketing commitment is to treat women as sovereign beings. You can be responsible and make your own decisions. I don’t need to manipulate you to buy from me. If you aren’t sure, don’t do it.

So, I don’t offer a money-back guarantee. That would be diminishing your sovereignty and my value. But, you can cancel your month-to-month subscription at any time with 15 days’ notice.

Trust yourself to make the right decision for you. I trust you to do the same.

I have a therapist and/or a business coach. Should I still join?

Yes, definitely if you have a therapist. I have often worked with women in therapy and I am experienced in knowing my lane and complementing the therapeutic process.

With a business coach, it depends. As I have been a business coach for decades, what often happens is that my very different business philosophy often conflicts with other business coaches.

I feel that having the conflict of different perspectives is stressful and can cause you to lose focus and get stuck in self-doubt. This is the opposite of my community’s goals.

Listen to your body’s wisdom to feel if my work is complementary to your business coach’s work.

I want ease, focus and growth for you without stress.

How big is this group? Will I be just another number??

My goal is an intimate, curated group. I never plan to have this as a big membership.

I want to know ALL of the women that come into this group, but in order for me to know you, you have to show up. Attending live coaching events lets me SEE you and you get to ask questions relevant to your business, life and learning.

I care that you are here. I hold space for every single member and reach out now and then to ensure you are getting value and support.

If you are looking for a smaller group experience, check out my micro groups.

I am not making any money in my business, is this still worth the investment?

Yes! Yes! Yes! An investment is about giving first for a delayed return. Investment in the right support will accelerate that return.

The worthy work will absolutely increase your money! Period.

It is at the core of why women struggle with money, wealth and a successful business.

I am a very experienced business owner, is this group right for me?

I know sometimes as experienced business owners (raising my hand here), we are worried about being in groups with less experienced business owners.

But this is the greatest part about this program. The work we are doing here applies to ALL stages of business.

I am not teaching tactics or business models where your stage of business does matter. If you do want to look at this for your stage of business, you can check out my micro-groups.

For the Worthy Women Collective, you will fit right in no matter where you are in business.

I also have rules against selling to protect the space, so you won’t be bombarded with spam or unethical sales practices.

You can opt-in to the discussions you want to follow and opt-out of the ones you don’t.

I have not even started my business yet, should I get clarity around what I am doing first?

The worthy work is a great foundation BEFORE you start a business. And feeling worthy helps you get clear on your direction, business design and platform.

In my opinion, it is the pre-requisite for starting a business. It will save you years of challenges, mistakes and spinning.

I am looking for a group I can sell to, what are your rules around selling to each other?

I don’t allow selling to each other within the group. This is based on decades of running groups and programs. 

I want this space to feel safe and selling to each other can create stickiness and a feeling of not being safe. 

I also want to keep this group focused! I know you have something amazing to sell, but there are plenty of other spaces to do that in. 

This space is for learning, growth, vulnerability and working on ourselves. 

You can however amplify each other, collaborate and spread the word that there are some really awesome women in here. 

I really like giving advice & telling people what to do. How is advice-giving tolerated in this group?

I discourage advice-giving in this group. The exception to this rule is my advice (Sorry, benefits of creating a group yourself. ;D)

This group is designed to support you to trust yourself and tap into your internal wisdom. I encourage asking questions and offering others a space to reflect on the answers inside of themselves, rather than your answers.

If you want to be the expert, this is not the place and in fact, I discourage all my clients from trying to be experts.

Sharing our wisdom is very powerful. Sharing what we have claimed as “expertise” is often rigid and dogmatic. When wisdom is framed as expertise, it suggests that your truth is someone else’s truth or that what worked for you will work for them.

I believe we have to align what we do with who we uniquely are, and that means the truth is different for everyone.

So yes, please share your experience and inner wisdom, but don’t give advice.

I have never worked with Sonya before. How will I know her work is right for me?

Do your due diligence and trust yourself!

You can find my work everywhere. Listen to my podcasts, The Feminine Lens or Women in the Business Arena. Find me on Instagram or Linkedin. Read my blogs and peruse my website.

What you see is what you get! My biggest value is congruency. I am always honest about who I am and my values.

If you resonate with my message, you will get a lot from my work.

I always struggle with time, am I going to waste my investment?

This is exactly why I set up the time guides. I will support you to get the most impact within the time frame you have.

That being said, you have to have a commitment to doing this work. It is one thing to logistically be short on time. It is another to not commit to doing the work.

I also suggest viewing time differently. Sometimes we view value by time. If I spend x amount of money, I should have x amount of time to get every last drop for what I am paying for. This is not a practice I want you to have in your business.

Sometimes one little golden nugget that you receive in 1 minute is worth more than you make in a year. The truth is, it isn’t the time you spend (quantity), it is the quality of what you receive.

Is this group on Facebook? I hate Facebook!

Me too! Thankfully, I have moved my community to Mighty Networks so we have a dedicated space for everything we do together.

You can access the community, events, courses, replays and more on your computer or the mobile app.

I have designed the space for organization, connection and choice! You can decide what you want to follow and not follow. You can decide how you are notified and the practice you want to have for engagement.

I have some recommendations too!

How can I access the community and learning on the go?

I have learned over the years that everyone has a different learning style and lifestyle.

So all of the offerings are available on desktop, iPad or mobile app. You can easily listen, watch or connect wherever you have WiFi or mobile service.

I also have an added benefit of a private client podcast. I drop in Weekly Worthy Training & replays of events so you can catch up on your favorite podcast players.

I don’t like being busy or sharing a lot. Is this group for me?

Yes! You have a choice in your level of engagement. This is NOT a busy group with a hundred posts every day.

Most of my clients are introverts, deep-feelers, quiet leaders and women deliberately creating balance and freedom.

It is your choice how you engage and I make the group as streamlined as possible. You also don’t have to share, but all of the women in this group are open, honest and vulnerable, so it does make sharing easy.

I live in a challenging time zone for many coaching groups. Will I still get value?

The short answer is yes! There is so much value even if you never attend an event live.

That being said, I try to cater to the makeup of the group. Many events support Australian time zones as I have always had clients there. They are also friendly for North and South America. In Europe, it depends, but if you want to know more, just email me with your time zone and questions: [email protected]

I would love to have 1:1 coaching with Sonya. How can I get that?

There are two ways right now (until March 2021). You can sign up for an annual membership and get two 1:1 sessions within that year, or you can sign up for a micro-group.

After March, the only way to get 1:1 sessions with Sonya will be through the annual membership.

Why is there an application process? Do I have to jump through hoops to join?

I want to make sure we are aligned and that you will get the most from our group experience. This means I need to ask you some questions first. 

I also am curating the community to ensure everyone feels safe and has aligned values. 

I am not taking anyone in just because they are willing to pay me money and this is good for you. 

It sets things up right from the beginning. 

What happens after I apply?

I will review your application within a few days.

If it looks good, I will send you a personal invitation to the Worthy Women Collective. At that time, you will be given a link to submit payment (see the next FAQ for what happens after that).

If I don’t feel we are a good fit, I will let you know that too. Please don’t take it as a rejection. You are worthy just as you are! My goal is just to make sure the community has aligned values.

What happens once I submit payment?

That is when we will celebrate! After payment, you will receive a confirmation email with all the juicy details to log in to Worthy Women Collective and get started. 

I offer an orientation guide to help you navigate logistics, curate the space, set up notifications and decide your level of engagement. 

You can introduce yourself to the group or watch for a little while. It will be your space! 

Have other questions?
Just email me at [email protected]!

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