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A Private podcast course designed for easy access to stress relief & mental wellness tools.

Sonya Stattmann, stress management coach & wellness speaker, and Laura Shook-Guzman, psychotherapist & expert on founder mental health, came together to create a powerful private podcast course. Their goal was to make mental health support more accessible. You will get the education & tools you need to improve your mental health, reduce stress & regulate your nervous system. Included in this podcast course: 

 Education – listen to while driving, working out, or anywhere on the go

 Guides – for setting & achieving your own mental health goals

 Tools – 30 tools (under 5-min each) for quick stress relief & building a resilience practice

 Cheat Sheet – a one-page PDF with all the tools so you know exactly what you need at any moment

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    Sonya Stattmann & Laura-Shook Guzman

    ~ About the Hosts ~


    Sonya Stattmann 

    For the last 24 years, Sonya has provided wellness education, training & coaching to thousands of individuals, teams, and organizations around the world. She founded three businesses including her long-time current business and a wellness center for entrepreneurs. She has always been an advocate for stress management & mental health in business. She has hosted three public podcasts publishing more than 260 podcast episodes & has a TEDx talk called Moving Beyond #Empowerment. She currently offers corporate wellness events & retreats, founder support & coaching for stress & burnout. Learn more at www.sonyastattmann.com

    Laura Shook Guzman 

    For the last 24 years, Laura has been focused on mental health support. She is an LMFT and trained Somatic Psychotherapist. She founded three businesses, including Soma Vida, the first Wellness Coworking Community, Women Who Cowork, & Mental Health Tools for Founders. Laura sits on the leadership team of Econa, the global center for excellence for entrepreneur mental wellness. She has co-hosted two public podcasts publishing more than 230 podcast episodes. She currently offers coaching for founders, therapy for entrepreneurs, and wellness events. Learn more at www.laurashookguzman.com

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      Picture of Sonya Stattmann corporate wellness outside in garden


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