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~ How I can help you or your team  achieve wellness  ~

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Corporate Wellness

for Teams

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Wellness for Founders

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Coaching for Stress

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~ I Specialize in Science-Based Resilience Strategies  ~

Resilience is our ability to handle adversity, stress, and change. It is how well we navigate challenges and bounce back. Having effective & science-based resilience strategies reduces stress, improves mental health, and leads to a more fulfilling life or cohesive workplace.

I help organizations & individuals achieve wellness through education, resilience tools & coaching.

About sonya

I have spent my life learning about resilience & how our minds & bodies work

As a small child, I was interested in what made humans tick. I started journaling at 6, read my first self-help book at 9, and took college-level psychology courses in high school. I also experienced personal loss, instability, and a lack of safety for most of my developing life. 

My life & work have been consumed with understanding how to be resilient in the midst of stress & adversity. I started my consulting & coaching business in 1999 and have spent the last 24 years helping individuals & organizations build a toolbox of resilience-based strategies. My expertise spans from psychology & neuroscience to leadership & business growth.

I am passionate about founder mental health, and wellness & stress management for teams. I have seen firsthand the impact prioritizing wellness has on success, business & lives.

~ My Mission  ~

To help the world achieve wellness by expanding its capacity for handling adversity, stress & change. To help individuals & organizations build resilience. To offer accessible tools for improving mental health, reducing stress & living more fully. 

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to match your wellness needs

corporate wellness

Wellness workshops, retreats & training delivered virtually or in-person

—> A resilient & healthy team is a high-performing team

I work with HR teams, event coordinators & ERG leaders to bring wellness education & resilience tools to small and large teams. Whether you are looking for a transformational lunch n’ learn, a theme month event, or a valuable topic for your next leadership conference, I can offer a tailor-made event for you.

My most popular topics: 

Stress Management & Burnout – learn more here
Mental Health & Wellness – learn more here
Resilience & Change – learn more here
Goal Achievement & Productivity – learn more here

Sonya was not only a great speaker but also an amazing provider of resources for our company when she came to speak about stress and burnout. Everyone left equipped with personalized strategies they could use in their own life!


In-Person Event Las Vegas

founder support

Wellness tools designed for founders & VCs

—> As a founder, you & your team can build without burnout

I work with founders, their teams & VCs to develop wellness programs, events & coaching packages designed to support the startup ecosystem. With support around stress management, resilience & mental health, I help founders build their businesses without burnout. 

Some of the ways I work with founders & VCs:

1:1 coaching for founders
Small group coaching for co-founders
Burnout, resilience & mental health events for startup teams
VC-funded coaching programs for founders
VC-supported events & retreats for portfolio members

Being a high achiever, I have always been driven to achieve my goals, but Sonya has taught me how to create balance and space so that I can enjoy my life while also achieving. This program has had a profound impact on me and my work in the world.

B. Haan


coaching for stress & burnout

Wellness tools & support for navigating life & work challenges

—> You don’t have to battle burnout as a busy professional

I work with leaders & high-achievers who are feeling the impact of stress in their work, lives & relationships. I can help you de-activate stress, improve your mental health, and learn to tap into your optimal performance with real-time, practical solutions that don’t require a vacation or hours of meditation. 

Even after the first week, you will feel less stress & more focus. I also offer a few unique features, you won’t find from other coaching programs, based on two decades of experience coaching thousands of clients. 

My stress management coaching program includes: 

A streamlined & time-tested process for reducing stress quickly
Biology-based tools that work at the source of stress
Education on the science of stress 
A personal private podcast loaded with resources & tools 
An unraveling of chronic stress patterns

Sonya was such a pivotal person in shifting my mindset. I am over the moon that this year feels so much lighter & easier. I only worked with Sonya a year ago and the amount of change I have experienced is ridiculous. The value of working with Sonya is there. Sonya is a wonderful human being. She is capable of being direct and honest. She can help you uncover uncomfortable issues while also empowering you. If I get off track again in the future – she would be the first person I would contact.

A. Sauter

Creative Director

Mental health toolkit

Wellness, education & tools designed for busy leaders

—> Mental health tools in the palm of your hand

Improving your mental health doesn’t have to be hard. It starts with small steps. I joined forces with psychotherapist, Laura Shook-Guzman, to put together this powerful private podcast course filled with the education and tools you need to reduce stress & improve your mental health. You can access it from your favorite podcast app.

This audio course includes:

Education – on the science of stress & the root of mental health challenges
Guides – for setting & achieving your own mental health goals
30 Tools – to be used in a moment of mental challenge or as a preventative practice
Cheat Sheet – for knowing which tool you need based on your current circumstances 

Launching soon. Be the first to receive notice by signing up below!