Reclaim Yourself


This conflict stops you from doing the work you were born to do
& being the leader you were born to be!

I work with women in business wanting to break free from the traditional, masculine business model.

[  This Starts With Reclaiming Your Intrinsic Self & Worthiness  ]

Are you ready to break free?

Watch my TEDx talk

Moving Beyond #Empowerment,

and take a peek into my story.


“The best way to continue the fight for women’s empowerment in the world is to empower ourselves first!”

Here’s How I Roll

I embody & teach Intrinsic Leadership

I work with women ready to do the deep work

I believe growth is a removal process

my work is  [not]  for everyone

How to work with me

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A few words from womenI have had the honor of working with

Once I let go of who I thought I should be, I could create the space and the vision for who I really am. I honestly couldn’t have achieved the alignment that I feel right now without you. Having you there has allowed me to keep going where I probably would have given up before.

Belinda Haan

Founder, The Motherhood Gathering

Sonya is a gifted teacher. She not only gets to the core of the matter but she also helps you see how you can achieve it in a way that is authentic to you. She walks the talk and I don’t know about you but I’m here for that kind of leadership. It has certainly changed my life.

Sunshine Kamaloni

Author, Racial Equity Consultant & Change Maker

Sonya is like no other coach or mentor I have ever worked with. Her genius goes beyond business structures to the much deeper self-work. The work that will dismantle and heal your personal blocks, standing in the way of you achieving what your heart truly desires. I have seen true transformation in my own life and in many other women who have had the privilege of working with Sonya.

Bec Ampt

Creative Director, Conscious Creative Studio

What I Stand For

It is important that we reclaim the world and pour wealth, power & impact into the communities, causes, and people we care about. This means shifting leadership, power and wealth out of sexist, racist, and patriarchal systems.

I am committed to being a business that is anti-racist & supports the empowerment of all women.

I have also learned over the years that…

[ In order to reclaim the world, we have to reclaim ourselves first. ]


A Feminine Lens


The Latest Perspectives


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EP 16: Embodiment – The Path to Your Superpowers

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Wealth Requires Focus, Not Diversification

Wealth Requires Focus, Not Diversification

In my opinion, most people have exhausted attention and scattered energy from trying to do too many things at once. For women who are already managing multiple roles, building wealth requires focus. 

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