Reclaim Yourself


This conflict stops you from doing the work you were born to do
& being the leader you were born to be!

I work with reluctant leaders wanting to break free from the traditional, masculine leadership model.

[  This Starts With Reclaiming Your Intrinsic Self  ]

Are you a reluctant leader?

Watch my TEDx talk

Moving Beyond #Empowerment,

and take a peek into my story.


“The best way to continue the fight for women’s empowerment in the world is to empower ourselves first!”

Here’s How I Roll

I embody & teach Intrinsic Leadership

I work with women ready to do the deep work

I believe growth is a removal process

my work is  [not]  for everyone

How to work with me

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A few words from womenI have had the honor of working with

Once I let go of who I thought I should be, I could create the space and the vision for who I really am. I honestly couldn’t have achieved the alignment that I feel right now without you. Having you there has allowed me to keep going where I probably would have given up before.

Belinda Haan

Founder, The Motherhood Gathering

Sonya is a gifted teacher. She not only gets to the core of the matter but she also helps you see how you can achieve it in a way that is authentic to you. She walks the talk and I don’t know about you but I’m here for that kind of leadership. It has certainly changed my life.

Sunshine Kamaloni

Author, Racial Equity Consultant & Change Maker

When we simplified everything, I finally had space in my head! And I started sleeping, and it was just incredible. I just felt like this big relief was off my shoulders. And I feel like I’m making more impact doing less work, which seems you know, completely crazy, but it’s true.

Kathryn Stoneman

Founder, A Mindful Start

What I Stand For

It is important that we reclaim the world and pour wealth, power & impact into the communities, causes, and people we care about. This means shifting leadership, power and wealth out of sexist, racist, and patriarchal systems.

I am committed to being a business that is anti-racist & supports the empowerment of all women.

I have also learned over the years that…

[ In order to reclaim the world, we have to reclaim ourselves first. ]


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