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Wellness tools for founders, startup teams & VCs



The wellness tools you need for founders & the startup ecosystem

In today’s tight and competitive market, founders face a huge amount of pressure & stress. The statistics are staggering with 50-75% of founders struggling with mental health challenges, more than 75% experiencing high stress, burnout, or anxiety, and 49% considering quitting their startup this year. 

—–> Stress management & mental health tools for founders & their teams are required for sustainability & success!

Founders & their teams need simple solutions & strategies for facing stress, change & challenges – solutions that don’t require a vacation or hours of meditation. Tap into simple resilience-based tools & daily micro-practices that you or your team can use anywhere. Learn more about the ways I support the founder eco-system: 

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~ Services & Support ~

My Wellness Tools for Founders

coaching for founders & co-founders

Wellness tools that help navigate stress, conflict & change

—> Because a good leader is a resilient leader

Resilience is the capacity you have to navigate stress and challenge. How much capacity do you have right now? My coaching programs help you expand your capacity, reduce stress, and find optimal performance. I take my stress & burnout, energy & performance, or career change program and tailor it to your needs as a founder.  

I also work with co-founders. Like a marriage, co-founder relationships need proactive work. Communicating effectively, handling conflict & stress, and aligning your goals & efforts are keys to successful co-founder relationships. Being committed to the well-being of each other and your team has a significant impact on the success of your organization. 

Want to talk specifically about how I can help you? 

Before I worked with Sonya, I was burning out, stressed, working all hours & weekends. I was snappy with my family and totally living out of integrity with myself. Even after the first call with Sonya, it was a huge relief to talk through where I was at and that yes, in fact, what I was doing was not sustainable! I left the call with more space in my mind than I had in two years. I was motivated again and relieved that I didn’t need to keep doing what I was doing. I am now living a life I have only dreamt of.

K. Stoneman


support for startup teams

Wellness tools & training for startup teams

—> A healthy team is a high-performing team

Startup teams have to be resilient & agile, able to face the rapidly changing environment. Without tools to navigate stress, challenge & change they burn out easily and turnover is high. My training gives your team the tools they need to be resilient and at their optimal performance without burnout.

I offer various virtual services for startup teams, from 60-minute workshops to wellness retreats and 2-week sprints. I can do in-person events as well. You can offer your team a quick event or customize a whole wellness package. 

The training topics I offer:

Stress Management & Burnout – learn more here
Mental Health & Wellness – learn more here
Resilience & Change – learn more here
Goal Achievement & Productivity – learn more here

Ready to discuss how I can help your team?

Somebody with the right blend of training and experience can see the things you can’t see… pick up the things you miss… see the opportunities you may not… and see right into your blind spots. I am not exaggerating to say that Sonya changed my perspective on my work, the way I operate, and my life. She is amazing!

C. Mora


VC funded programs

Wellness Tools for Your Portfolio Clients

—> Wellness is the key to sustainability & long-term success

The facts are that founders are struggling with chronic stress & mental health. Some statistics say that 49% are considering quitting their startup this year. I work with VCs to create wellness programs that support the sustainability & long-term success of their portfolio clients. 

Stress or mental health coaching for portfolio members: I have done 1:1 pre-paid coaching tasters for portfolio clients or group coaching sprints. These short programs give your portfolio clients a chance to experience the benefits of coaching & gain tools for stress reduction & improving mental health. 

Founder workshops & retreats: Want to offer an event for your portfolio members? I offer 60-minute workshops or half-day retreats, both virtual and in-person. Give your founders tools & tips around the following wellness topics:

Stress Management & Burnout – learn more here
Mental Health & Wellness – learn more here
Resilience & Change – learn more here
Goal Achievement & Productivity – learn more here

Ready to discuss how I can support your founders?

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