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Support your team with a Stress Management or Burnout Workshop

Chronic stress & burnout are at an all-time high. Stress isn’t just happening in the workplace, but personal stress bleeds into the workplace and combined with work-related stress affects your team’s performance & mental health. Equipping your team with the tools to manage their stress & eliminate burnout will increase your team’s overall wellness, boost their performance, and give them capacity for more innovation & creativity. Stress management & mental health education are required to succeed in today’s competitive and ever-changing environment. Sonya’s stress management & burnout workshops can support you and your team to tackle chronic stress & build team resilience.

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A taste of one of Sonya’s burnout workshops…

Sonya was not only a great speaker, but also an amazing provider of resources for our company when she came to speak about stress and burnout. Everyone left equipped with personalized strategies they could use in their own life!

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Burnout & Stress Management

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Beating Burnout & Building Resilience

—> Learn to understand the roots of burnout & create more capacity for stress & change

Perfect for: ERG groups, lunch and learns, & all-employee training. This is a great event for April’s Stress Awareness Month or May’s Mental Health Month

Description: Burnout is chronic, accumulated stress from any area of your life or work that has not been successfully managed. As stress continues to exponentially increase in the world, individuals and teams must be equipped with the education and tools to put the “brake” on chronic stress. Learning to successfully manage stress is key to building resilience. This workshop offers insight into why we experience chronic stress & burnout & offers simple & practical tools for dealing with stress in any circumstance. 

Your team will learn

1. The science of stress – how are bodies biologically respond to stress and why it accumulates into chronic stress & burnout

2. How to put a “brake” on stress and move harmful long-term stress into helpful short-term stress

3. Simple & practical tools (all under 5 minutes) that can help you put a “brake” on stress & build resilience 



(around burnout & stress management)

  • The Science of Self-Care – why self-care is the foundation for good mental health & stress management
  • Energy Management is the New Time Management – how to build capacity for pressure & better manage your workload
  • Beating Burnout Requires Tackling the Roots – & why emotional intelligence is the solution to your greatest organizational challenges
We can also customize a talk or workshop for your needs!



(around burnout & stress management)

  • Wellness Retreat (in-person or virtual) – a 3-6 hour customized training program focused on stress management & building resilience
  • The Stress Management Toolkit (virtual) – a 12-week facilitated program for teams (90 min. facilitated session every other week with private podcast support in between sessions)
  • Private Podcast Courses (coming soon) – give your team a private podcast course they can access from their phones