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~ Wellness Podcasts ~

Audio Support for Mental Health & Wellness

Need to practice wellness on the go? Good mental health & wellness is key to a fulfilling life, healthy relationships, and work you love. 

Sometimes we know the importance of our physical, emotional and mental health, but we struggle with the time & energy required to make significant change. 

–> Achieving wellness can be easy and accessible.

The podcasts below offer tiny bites of wisdom to busy, high-achievers who struggle to put their wellness first. From podcasts focused on mental health & personal development to podcasts designed for women in the business arena – you can find access to the tools you need to achieve without burnout or compromise.

Here’s to you achieving wellness! Love, Sonya

Mental Health Toolkit

~ A Private Podcast Course ~

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Improve your mental health & reduce stress with this audio toolkit

I joined forces with my long-time podcast co-host Laura Shook-Guzman to create a powerful private podcast course. Our goal was to create accessible mental health support. We give you the education & tools you need to improve your mental health, reduce stress, regulate your nervous system & deal with change & conflict. And all of this will be accessible from your favorite podcast app.

 Education – listen to while driving, working out or anywhere on the go

 Guides – for your setting & achieving your own mental health goals

 Tools – 30 tools (under 5-min each) for use in times of struggle & as a preventative practice

 Cheat Sheet – a one-page PDF with all the tools so you know exactly what you need at any moment

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    ~ My Public Podcasts ~
    Reclaiming Ourselves™ Podcast

    Deep & insightful with multiple viewpoints

    Reclaiming Ourselves™ is a personal development podcast about reclaiming your power, voice, gifts & innate wisdom. It is about coming home to your true self. We share with you tools and perspectives from four points of view, that will help you recognize that you are worthy just by breathing and that you are already perfect as you are.   

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    Women in the Business Arena™ Podcast

    An intersection between business & personal growth

    Women in the Business Arena™ is a deep dive into how to run a business and still support your mental health & wellness. We believe that running a business is one of the greatest self-development opportunities anyone can take. This podcast ran for 6 years and we have 223 episodes for you to enjoy.    

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    The Feminine Lens™ Podcast

    A one-season podcast made for women

    The Feminine Lens™ tackles topics relevant to women wanting to embrace their feminine energy & power. The monthly themes cover topics from women & wealth to embracing your strengths & genius. Each episode has a different format from panel discussions to live coaching.    

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    To help the world achieve wellness by expanding its capacity for handling adversity, stress & change. To help individuals & organizations build resilience. To offer accessible tools for improving mental health, reducing stress & living more fully. 

    Why Wellness Podcasts?

    ~ Sonya’s Story ~


    Wellness has always been a cornerstone of my life & work

    I grew up in a very health-conscious home, at least physically. I ate organic food in the 70s, wasn’t allowed sugar, was introduced to alternative healing, and grew up making wellness & self-development a key part of my life & work. But I also experienced an extreme amount of stress, lack of safety & instability. For most of my life, I didn’t understand the impact stress had on every area of my life. 

    —> I just kept going! I was a high achiever & determined to create everything I wanted. I refused to slow down, give up, or rest.

    I hit burnout multiple times. I still refused to quit. There wasn’t one pivotal moment that changed me, but a gradual wearing down of my energy, health challenges & a determination to find a different way to live. Over the years, I realized that mental wellness & stress management are a huge part of achieving true success.

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      I have worked with thousands of people over the last 24 years in business, start-ups, and corporates. I watched them struggle with their performance & optimal health (physically, emotionally & mentally). No matter how much “success” they achieved, they felt unfulfilled, dissatisfied, and limited. Many times they never reached the definition of success because their body or soul gave out before they could make it. 

      Eventually, I made it my mission to redefine success & to focus on helping my clients achieve wellness. When I define wellness, it is closer to resilience. I want to help people have tools and practices that will support them to reduce stress, improve their mental health & experience more aliveness. 

      And podcasts are a great medium. They are convenient – you don’t have to log into another platform or sit in front of the computer watching videos. You can take a podcast with you on the go. You can listen while you are walking in nature, and learn while you are driving on your daily commute.

      Whether you dive into one of my public podcasts or invest in a private podcast course, you will get access to perspectives & tools to support you on your way to success. 

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