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Podcast Reviews from Our Listeners

(Praising our Personal Development Podcast)

Loving this podcast!

Honest, deep and insightful conversations which have really resonated with me. Each episode has left me feeling empowered and looking forward to more! Highly recommend!! (✨MelG✨)


So many nuggets of gold

This is such a thought-provoking podcast. I love the concept of having co-hosts from all walks of life and these women have this loving and compassionate way of helping me go deeper in my womanhood and motherhood experience. There are so many nuggets of gold and profound insights in this podcast that I’ve found myself “rewinding” some of what’s been said to not only help my brain percolate and sink deeply into the wisdom shared, but also to help my body absorb it all too. I love when a new episode is released and I can’t wait to hear what’s shared. (HaylesWebb) 

Thoughtful & inspiring

Love the insights, authenticity and positive vibrations of this beautiful, smart and genuine podcast. It’s just what I needed. (by Reclaiming Fan) 

Why this Personal Development Podcast is Different


What makes us unique:

We dig deeper

We have six years of podcasting experience (and it shows)

Collectively, we have 7 decades of experience in our fields of expertise

We talk about topics no one else does

We look at ourselves wholistically

It’s a little bit self-development, personal growth, mental health, psychology & spirituality in one

We address the real issues that get in the way of knowing ourselves & operating authentically in the world

What you get from listening:

Insights you won’t get anywhere else

Strategies & tools to reclaim your power, voice & full, beautiful self

The truth about personal growth & self-development

What it really takes to be your authentic self in every area of your life

Decades of hands-on experience with real people, not just learned knowledge

Content!!! We don’t do introductions or promotions

A completely new perspective on the path to reclaiming yourself

We are Four Women on a Mission

Advocates for Wholeness, Freedom & Personal Growth

Sonya Stattmann

Sonya Stattmann, the host of “Reclaiming Ourselves”, is a 24-year coach & corporate speaker. She has worked with thousands of women (and men) around the world helping them to reclaim themselves so they can find more freedom, fulfillment, and success. This is her third podcast: she also created Women in the Business Arena& The Feminine Lens™. She has decades of experience in embodied leadership, business, personal growth, spirituality, and psychology.


Laura Shook-Guzman

Laura Shook Guzman, LMFT, and Somatic Psychotherapist for entrepreneurs has been a mental health professional for 23 years. She’s the founder of three businesses; the world’s first Wellness Coworking Community Soma Vida, the global community Women Who Cowork, and her own therapy practice, Conscious Ambition. Laura sits on the leadership team of Econa, the global center for excellence for entrepreneur mental wellness. Laura is passionate about supporting the emotional health and well-being of purpose-driven, audaciously ambitious entrepreneurs.


Belinda Haan

Belinda Haan, co-host of “Reclaiming Ourselves”, is a gifted Masters-level certified professional coach who has worked with leaders and executives in various Fortune 500 corporations worldwide. She is a mindfulness and compassion teacher and facilitates group and individual therapeutic interventions that promote inner connection and belonging. She is personally passionate about bridging the gap between science and spirit, using an empathic, grounded approach that weaves contemplative practice and accessible personal development with her clients. Linkedin for Belinda

Emily Soccorsy

Emily Soccorsy [So-KOR-SEE], co-host of “Reclaiming Ourselves”, loves to challenge dogmatic thinking, translate emotion to words, and encourage leaders to go inward. She is the co-author of the book, Rooting Up: Essays on Modern Branding and the author of the newsletter Thought Cookie. As owner and CEO of Root + River, a brand strategy team, Emily uses her talents to help leaders uncover the foundations of their brands. She’s also a speaker, poet, artist, mom of two daughters (and a 130-pound Great Pyrenees named Archie), and partner to her husband of over 20 years.

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