Accepting New 1:1 Clients

Accepting New 1:1 Clients

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In our final season episode, we are diving into the importance of slowing down so you can find your own pace. We have gathered all four co-hosts to talk about reclaiming your time, energy & aliveness.
The self love journey & the road to self-compassion is a process of remembering AND forgetting who we are. This week in Reclaiming Ourselves, we are dropping this truth bomb.
In this week’s episode, we are talking about deconstructing our identities so that we can reclaim our true self. Our special guest, Fatima Mann, is an expert in cultural mindfulness & healing within systems.
How we show up in the world is often influenced by unconscious patterns. In order to reclaim the life we want, we have to work on rewriting these patterns. That’s what we are talking about in this week’s podcast.
Changing mindset is about shifting how we see the world. In this episode, we dive into what it looks like to shift into a living mindset instead of an achievement mindset.
This week we are talking about self-abandonment. What happens when we turn away from ourselves…our truth, our power and our wisdom? How do we find ourselves again? This episode is powerful.
In this week’s podcast episode, we are talking about how there is great power in embodied self-awareness! Reclaiming & returning to the body provides exponential growth & capacity for change.
This week on Reclaiming Ourselves, we are talking about the intersection between personal development AND systemic change. We don’t live in a silo, but are impacted daily by the bigger systems we live in.
This week we are taking on the Muchness. What is the muchness? The way we are constantly pulled, distracted & overwhelmed by the things in our lives. We talk about the power in reconnecting with what matters.
Being spiritually grounded is being connected to our inner self AND connected to something bigger than ourselves. In this week’s podcast, Sonya and Belinda unpack what it means to be spiritually grounded.

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