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Podcast Reviews from Women in Business

A great podcast for business & life

Your podcast is such a breath of fresh air for me and makes me feel less alone so thank you so much. I now feel confident to proceed based on my own way of working and your advice has helped me lean into my intuition. (Jessilee83 from Australia)


Best podcast I have ever listened to

Sonya and Laura are so great in this podcast. I feel like I’m curled up on the couch with a cup of tea talking with them. I always feel like they meet me exactly where I am at with each episode. Totally down to earth, no hype, no fluffy BS – just introspective and smart conversation to make us think and continually become better versions of ourselves. (by elizabethw3 from the United States) 

Great podcast!

I love how unique the concept of this podcast is and how each and every episode and the guest interviews leave you with a lot of valuable knowledge not only business-wise but also with your personal life. I am looking forward to hearing more episodes! (by louis.erks.ls from the Philippines) 

Why this Women in Business Podcast is Different


What makes us unique:

We dig deeper

We address the blocks that get in the way of business success

Collectively, we have 4 decades experience

We talk about topics no one else does

We look at business wholistically

It’s a little bit business, psychology & spirituality in one

We have six years podcasting experience (and it shows)

What you get from listening:

Insights you won’t get anywhere else

Strategies & tools to grow your business & yourself

The truth about business

What it really takes to succeed

Decades of hands-on experience with thousands of women

Content!!! We don’t do introductions or promotions

A completely new perspective on business, and a different way to operate it that offers balance, fulfillment and freedom.

We are Women in Business +

Advocates for Wholeness, Freedom & Balance

Sonya Stattmann

Sonya has spent the last 24 years working with thousands of individuals, leaders & organizations. She is an expert in stress management & personal development. She currently coaches founders & leaders to reduce stress & build resilience, and offers corporate wellness workshops to teams. She has a TEDx talk called Moving Beyond #Empowerment and hosts both public and private podcasts. She currently lives in USA with her family & spends a lot of time traveling around the world. 



Laura Shook-Guzman

Laura Shook Guzman, LMFT, and Co-host of Women in the Business Arena is on a mission to share a powerful message about the value of founder mental health, collaborative work, and embodied living. As an accomplished psychotherapist, trauma specialist, and devoted community leader, Laura brings enormous expertise, insight, and energy to her work. www.laurashookguzman.com


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