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When it comes to relationships, women leaders are expected to be healers. We’re taught to smooth ruffled feathers, soothe old wounds, and repair breaks and tears. But that repair work takes enormous energy. If you’re wasting it on propping up relationships that no longer nourish you, what do you have left for the people who […]
Each one of us has our own Truth. It’s the sum of our deepest needs, our dearest values, and our most strongly held beliefs. Unfortunately, women leaders are trained to hide parts of themselves, or to water them down to keep other people comfortable.  This episode of Women in the Business Arena is about the […]
One of the strongest barriers between us and the growth we’re seeking is internal and invisible. It’s rooted in the ways women were taught that certain parts of us are good and meant to be nurtured, while others are bad and should be rejected. We waste so much energy trying to block off or hush […]
When it comes to marketing, so many of us are doing Too Much. Social media, networking events, client calls, live video: the options are practically infinite. Trying to be everywhere at once is a recipe for disillusionment and burnout. Diluting ourselves doesn’t just sap our life force, it wastes our time and waters down our […]
When you hear the word “resource,” what do you think about? If you’re like most of us, what comes to mind is external. Money, time, employees, training: they’re all things that come from outside ourselves. External resources are limited and finite. But inside each of us is an unlimited reserve of power & strength. This […]
In our culture, women are expected to “keep it all together” even when the pressure is pulling us apart. We are expected to hold space for others when we don’t even have space for ourselves. We shame ourselves for feeling fear or needing comfort. And we carry these ideas into our community spaces.   This week, […]
This episode continues to pull on the thread of growth as a removal process. When we set aside everything else, what’s left is ourselves, our values, and our breath. Listening to our bodies and focusing on simply breathing can help us remove the distractions, stress, and overwhelm we feel on a daily basis. Body and […]
This week’s episode is a throwback to my other podcast, The Feminine Lens. It’s a solo episode, where I shared my thoughts on strengths, weaknesses, and why it’s so important to identify your unique genius. So much of professional development is built on improving skills or tasks that we’re not very good at. This approach […]
This week’s essential growth tip flies in the face of everything you’ve probably heard about owning your own business or stepping up in your career. The key to growing your success isn’t through doing more.  ——> If you want to unlock real, sustainable growth, you need to Do Less.  Laura and I share our experience […]
Welcome back to a new season of Women in the Business Arena! I’m so excited to spend this season exploring a topic that’s extremely personal and powerful to me. As entrepreneurs, we’re taught to always be growing: growing our client base, growing our offers, growing our profits. But for so many of us, “bigger” and […]
Welcome back to a new season of Women in the Business Arena! This season is all about growing your business, but maybe not in the way that you think. Traditional, patriarchal business models train us to believe that growth is a matter of adding more: more hustle, more exposure, more offers, more of our precious […]
We’re marking the end of our season of busting business myths with our first-ever episode recorded live! Listen as Laura Shook Guzman and I look back at a season full of myths and misconceptions. We’ll examine the themes that tie them together, and the core fallacies that keep so many business owners tied to the […]
In traditional, patriarchal business structures, there’s a one-size-fits-all prescription for success, and that size is BIG. If you’ve ever wondered whether scalability was truly the only way to have a vibrant, satisfying business, this episode is a must listen.  Join me and a panel of brilliant, bad-ass business women as we bust the myth that […]
As entrepreneurs, we’re told that the fastest way to build wealth is to have multiple streams of income, and diversifying our projects is the only way to achieve security. It always reminds me of the old wives tale “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.  But this approach to business demands more effort, saps […]
If you just get your marketing right, you are guaranteed to grow your business & your bank account, right? Wrong! So many business owners are obsessed with more marketing, and they bypass the easy steps to sales that have been there all along.  Generating content, chasing after more leads, constantly fixing your brand…does NOT bring […]
As business owners, we’re told that social media is THE WAY to attract and engage with clients. What if there were ways to reach people that demonstrate your actual expertise, rather than your ability to crank out content? This episode, our brilliant panelists share their strategies for reaching your ideal clients in ways that are […]
Why do so many business owners believe we have to go all out to convince potential clients to work with us? What’s behind the indoctrination that makes sales calls feel like an ethical minefield? This week we are talking about how to show up in a genuine, honest way that eliminates the need for sleazy […]
This week, our business myth-busting series takes on a difficult but vital topic; does being an anti-racist business require perfection or empty performance? We talk to Dr. Sunshine Kamaloni about the work white business owners must do, internally and externally, to understand their role in white supremacy, and de-center whiteness in their thinking and their […]
Consciously or not, too many of us are convinced that our success, and our value to the world, is directly tied to how busy we are. But that can’t be further from the truth.  You are inherently valuable. You are worthy of basic human needs like lunch breaks and a normal amount of sleep. Constantly […]
I am so excited about this episode today as we are breaking down the myth that you have to be (and be seen as) an expert to succeed in business. I am honored to have Natalie Miller on as my special guest. She is an incredible mindset coach and woman activist. Together we unpack the […]
‍We have already busted myths this season like Business Success (or Failure) is Connected to Our Worth and You Should Always be Focused on Business Growth.  If you didn’t get a chance to listen to those episodes, click on the title names that are hyperlinked and it will lead you to that episode.    I am […]
One of the greatest myths in business is that we should always be running after more money, more clients, more followers, and more validation. We believe that everything we do should be about growth, growth, growth! This myth not only leaves you exhausted, but is actually detrimental to your business growth.   In this episode, I […]
In this season, I will be busting business myths. The very first woman who is perfect to help me myth-bust in this season’s first episode: Laura Shook Guzman! Together, we break down the myth that “Business Success (or Failure) is Connected to Our Worth.” Even if we don’t consciously say it, or it doesn’t come out in […]
Hey, it’s Sonya Stattman, host of Women in the Business Arena! If you caught our last episode, you will have some inkling that we are shifting this podcast. I have had the honor to do all 200 of the previous episodes with my amazing co-host Laura Shook Guzman and she will continue to be a […]
We’ve got an announcement to make… Women in the Business Arena is coming back! I’ve made a lot of changes to my business and podcasts over the past year. Some things have worked, and some things haven’t worked as well as I’d like. So in this episode, I’m pulling back the curtain and explaining what […]