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We are celebrating 200 episodes of Women in the Business Arena! Laura and I are talking about our all-time favorite episodes of the podcast, our most-downloaded episodes, and what we’ve learned about business in the past four years of podcasting. Find More Support for Women in Business: > You can find free gifts, opportunities to […]
It is no secret that work brings all sorts of stressors with it, especially if you juggle a business with everything else life needs from you. Spending more time in your body and integrating your experiences is a great way to lessen overwhelm and anxiety – but how? In this throwback episode, Laura and I […]
Laura and I are exploring something near and dear to both of our hearts today: community. We met in a community and have both built many over the years, but what makes a truly excellent, supportive community? How do we balance giving and receiving? And how do we find (or build) the communities that really […]
How we relate to money is intrinsically tied to how we value ourselves, our work, and our contributions to the world. In this throwback episode, Laura and I examine our relationship with money & redefine “wealth” on our own terms. This is some of the most important work we can do as business owners. Find […]
There is so much pressure to create the perfect “strategy” for your business, but often the most impactful thing we can do is create more space. Laura and I talk about why creating & guarding your space for imagination, rest & integration is some of the best time you’ll ever spend on your business. Find […]
In this throwback episode, we’re revisiting an episode about creating & embodying a bigger vision for your business. We take so much action in business, but to ensure we are going in the right direction, sometimes we need to slow down & reassess the vision we want to bring to life. Find More Support for […]
Laura & I have had so many incredible conversations on this show over the past four years. As we transition into a new era of business, life and podcasting, we wanted to pause, say thank you to all of our wonderful listeners and remember why we started this show in the first place.  In this […]
In this episode Laura and I talk through how we can integrate everything 2020 has thrown at us and why that process will help us move into 2021 feeling reinvigorated. We chat about why you don’t necessarily need to feel grateful for everything that’s happened and why it’s so important to slow down over the […]
We’re wrapping up our five-part series on building a simple & successful business this week! And step five ties everything together beautifully: operating your business in alignment with your natural flow. Laura and I talk about why we have to carve out “nothing time,” how to get in touch with your natural flow, and why […]
I have a super-special preview for you this week on Women in the Business Arena… You get to be the first to hear episode 1 of my brand new podcast, The Feminine Lens™! The show officially launches later this week on December 8th, but I wanted you to experience this show before everyone else. 😀  […]
I’m flying solo today to talk to you about Step 4 for creating a streamlined, successful business: following the proper sequence for growth. I have developed and evolved a business growth sequence over the past twenty years. It works because it makes sure you’re building on top of a solid foundation, aligning your business with […]
Let’s dig into Step 3 for building a simple & successful business: focusing on sales over marketing. A lot of people don’t know the difference and don’t realize that sales is the more important of the two. We will clarify why sales is where you should put your focus, talk about how you can get […]
Last week we started exploring how to build a simple & streamlined business. The first step is to explore our issues around worthiness & reclaim our desire.  This time we’re digging into step two: designing your streamlined business. Designing a business that is simple and aligned with who we are & what we want is going […]
Today Laura and I are kicking off a five-part series walking you through the process I use to help my clients streamline their businesses. We are starting by looking at our feelings of worthiness and why they are the ultimate foundation for our business. If we want to simplify, we need to dig deep first. […]
Are you connected with your own voice, or are you suppressing it? I’ve been exploring this topic with my clients lately, and across the board I’m finding every single woman has had her voice suppressed in some way – first by society, and then by herself. In this episode we’re exploring the power of reclaiming […]
When there’s a lot going on in the world, it can be easy to lose the motivation to show up in our businesses & lives. But there are some simple things we can do to ground ourselves in times of collective anxiety that will allow us to stand up for what we believe in, participate […]
Our businesses need streamlining and FOCUS. That means I want you to have ONE business, ONE target market, and ONE service. Multi-passionate people, I can hear you saying, “What?!” But I promise this advice will help you, too. Laura (a multi-passionate entrepreneur herself!) and I are breaking down exactly why you need to streamline your […]
Untamed has been everywhere this year and I finally picked up a copy. If you haven’t seen it, it’s Glennon Doyle’s latest book and an exploration of the ways women are suppressed by society and themselves. Laura and I really dig into the idea of becoming “untamed” in this episode. We talk about our resistance […]
This year has been full of emotional tests. On top of normal life and all its usual highs and lows, we are still navigating a global pandemic, upended routines, and changing norms around our relationships.  We wanted to explore triggers on this week’s episode because many of us have been triggered more than usual lately.  […]
This week Laura and I are really digging into the idea of bold, direct, honest business communication. We talk about bringing integrity and authenticity back to the core of our conversations with clients new and old.  We talk about what it means to find your own unique voice, how to start uncovering the conditioning that […]
Last week Laura and I explored some of the things that keep women from stepping into true leadership. We talked about the habit of over-owning, the conditioning of the patriarchy, and the ways we choose to perpetuate these patterns.  This week we want to explore the next step: becoming embodied, intrinsic leaders. How do we […]
Traditional models of leadership are not built for women. Women think that they will have to over-deliver and over-own more than they already are. They think leadership will be a drain on their already limited time and energy. I think it is time for a completely new way to look at leadership. We need leaders […]
I am a big believer in following your natural rhythm in both life and business. I know that I have very distinct periods of activity and output versus periods of rest and contemplation. When I fully embrace this push and pull, I am more likely to feel grounded and work in my genius. When I […]
I have made huge strides in the way I think about hiring. I am connecting with the people I really need in my business and getting things off my plate that I don’t want to do – and I am doing it all in a way that feels great.  I didn’t used to feel this […]
Do you think of yourself as the CEO of your business? I know for me “CEO” used to sound too… big. Or complicated. Or stressful. It sounded like the opposite of what I wanted my business to be. But recently I have been playing with the idea that I can and should see myself as […]