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Myth #8: You Have to be on Social Media to Succeed in Business

As business owners, we’re told that social media is THE WAY to attract and engage with clients. What if there were ways to reach people that demonstrate your actual expertise, rather than your ability to crank out content? This episode, our brilliant panelists share their strategies for reaching your ideal clients in ways that are more genuine, fulfilling, and effective.

Meg Atteberry is a full-time content writer and SEO queen at Copywriting with Fox. Her mission is to help women stop hustling on socials and start selling passively with SEO-rich copy that magnetizes your ideal client.

When she’s not out shredding the patriarchy, you can find her writing over at Fox in the Forest – the most popular Colorado travel blog on the web.

Jaz Broughton is on a mission to empower 10,000 ambitious individuals to create fulfilling, phenomenal and unlimited careers in the next 3 years. Through The Phenomenal Career podcast, her blog, and group and 1:1 coaching, Jaz will help you embrace your ambition with both hands instead of shame so you can reach your personal goals.

Join us as we discuss: 

  • Real talk about the disconnect between post like and sales, and how many desirable leads you’re actually getting through social media.
  • Alternatives to social media that give potential clients a deeper understanding of your talents and experience.
  • How a strategic, thoughtful approach can help you transform from a constant content machine to a relationship-oriented client magnet.

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