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Emotional Intelligence & Communication Workshops for Your Team

Raising emotional intelligence is critical to solving your greatest organizational challenges. At the core of conflict, burnout, DEI issues, and leadership problems is a lack of emotional intelligence and a struggle to communicate effectively. Emotional intelligence is not just about managing emotions – it is about understanding how our brain and nervous system works. When we understand our innate operating system, we have more power over our responses and reactions. Emotional intelligence improves empathy, connection, and communication. It turns workplace conflict into workplace cohesion. Booking one of Sonya’s emotional intelligence or communication workshops can transform your team’s challenges.

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Watch Sonya in Action

A training video on resolving conflict in the workplace…

Sonya did a great job speaking about Emotional Intelligence. She gave practical advice to employees on how to manage stressors and to raise their emotional intelligence. She handled employee questions effortlessly. She has a calm presence that invites people to open up.

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Workshops & Training

Emotional Intelligence & Communication

most popular workshop

Cooling Conflict

—> How to navigate emotions, regulate your nervous system & turn down the heat in workplace dynamics

Perfect for: Leadership teams, all-employee training & project-based teams

Description: Conflict is a natural part of being human, but in times of change, uncertainty, or stress, conflict runs high! As tension starts to build, emotional reactions start affecting team dynamics & productivity. Arming your team with tools to effectively cool conflict is important for your leaders & every team member. In this workshop, we dive into the science of emotions – what emotions are and how they affect our body and mind. This workshop is packed with education, tools, and practices that will cool down the conflict and empower your employees to work better together.

Your team will learn

  1. The foundations of emotional intelligence and why our biology is at the core of conflict
  2. Tools & practices for navigating our emotions and regulating our nervous system – minimizing the impact of conflict
  3. How to relate to other people’s emotions & de-escalate reactions when the workplace gets hot



(around emotional intelligence & communication)

  • Emotional Intelligence @ Work – a masterclass that raises your team’s E.Q. and provides a foundation for an emotionally intelligent workplace
  • The Science of Self-Regulation – why self-regulation is the key to transforming anxiety, stress, conflict & challenging communication
  • Being Super Human Leaders – A model for building empathy, connection & trust in the workplace 
We can also customize a talk or workshop for your needs!



(around emotional intelligence)

  • Wellness Retreat (in-person or virtual) – a 3-6 hour customized training program focused on raising emotional intelligence & building resilience
  • The Emotional Intelligence Toolkit (virtual) – a 12-week facilitated program for teams (90 min. facilitated session every other week with private podcast support in between sessions)
  • Private Podcast Courses (coming soon) – give your team a private podcast course they can access from their phones
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