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Boost motivation with a goal-setting or productivity workshop

Want to boost employee engagement, motivation & mental health? Book one of Sonya’s goal-setting or productivity workshops. She brings in the science of goal achievement, along with simple ways to tap into motivation & energy. By giving your team effective tools to set & achieve goals, you create more alignment & focus for achieving organizational goals.

Sonya’s goal-setting & productivity workshops offer: 

Education about the science of goal achievement & productivity

A unique step-by-step approach to setting & achieving goals

The keys to long-term, sustainable success

Simple strategies for boosting energy & motivation

Powerful & effective tools for boosting productivity

Audiences love Sonya’s unique method for goal achievement. She offers new insights around the goal-setting process & gives audiences the tools they need to achieve their goals.  

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Goal Achievement & Productivity Workshop Videos

In this 6-minute sample of Sonya’s signature workshop, Beyond Goal Setting to Goal Getting, she describes the push and pull of goal achievement. We are wired to achieve goals, but we are also wired to keep the status quo.

This short clip from Sonya’s signature change workshop unpacks some of the science around change. When we understand how we are wired for change, we are empowered to navigate it more effectively.

Good stress can be used to stimulate our motivation & productivity. Sonya did a video series on effectively managing stress & preventing burnout. In this video, she shares the difference between good stress and bad stress. You can watch the whole series here.

Sonya was an awesome speaker for our Goal Setting to Goal Getting workshop! All our attendees left feeling super invigorated and excited to start setting their goals for the new year. She is a wonderful facilitator and customized her presentation based on our kick off conversations. Thanks, Sonya!

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Productivity Workshop

Sonya’s Signature workshop

Beyond Goal Setting to Goal Getting

—> The science of goal achievement & the key to improving performance

Perfect for: All-employee training, conferences, retreats, ERG groups, or project-based teams. 

Description: This 60-minute workshop tackles the science of goal achievement, motivation & productivity. It answers the question: “How do you move beyond the inspiration of setting goals to sustain the motivation to achieve them?” Sonya offers a step-by-step approach to achieving goals that is refreshing and unique. It is wonderful for a New Year’s event or any time your team needs to re-focus their goals. Expand this workshop for conferences or as a 2-week sprint to dive deeper into the materials.

Key takeaways

Understanding the role our biology plays in goal achievement
How we can work with our biology to boost our results
5 powerful steps to goal setting & 5 for goal getting


Sonya hosted a workshop on goals for our ERG, and shared really practical tips on how we could get better at both goal setting and goal pursuit. We got lots of positive feedback from the group.

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  • The Power of Focus – a beginners guide to mindfulness & attention training
  • The Six Pillars of Performance – what the science says about the basics of self-care and how to boost performance
  • Energy Management is the New Time Management – how to manage your energy & expand time
We can also customize a talk or workshop for your needs! All events are virtual or in-person.


(around productivity)

  • Wellness Retreat (in-person or virtual) – a customized half or full-day retreat focused on goal achievement & boosting productivity
  • Wellness Sprint (virtual) – a 2-week facilitated program that includes 2 virtual events with a 10-day challenge in between (delivered via email or private podcast)
  • Private Podcast Courses (coming soon) – a private podcast course that can be accessed from your favorite podcast app
  • Customized Wellness Packages – combine offerings to have a complete toolbox to manage stress & tap into optimal performance