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Boost motivation with a goal-setting or productivity workshop

Most workshops designed to increase productivity focus on traditional goal-setting, planning, controlling habits, or time management. They don’t take into account the impact that our emotions, nervous systems, mental health & motivation have on our productivity. Without understanding this impact, productivity workshops can be inspirational but not transformational. Booking Sonya’s popular goal-setting workshop or one of her other productivity workshops can boost employee engagement, motivation & mental health.

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A taste of one of Sonya’s productivity workshops…

Sonya was an awesome speaker for our Goal Setting to Goal Getting workshop! All our attendees left feeling super invigorated and excited to start setting their goals for the new year. She is a wonderful facilitator and customized her presentation based on our kick off conversations. Thanks, Sonya!

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Goal Achievement & Productivity

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Beyond Just Goal Setting
to Goal Getting

—> The science of goal achievement & how to optimize motivation & performance

Perfect for: ERG groups, all-employee training, or project-based teams

Description: Goal achievement is an important skill for individuals, leadership & organizations, but what is the ideal way to set goals & how can we more effectively achieve goals? What about motivation, how do we sustain motivation to get to our goals? How do we navigate disappointment, boredom, or failure on the road to reaching our goals? This workshop tackles the psychology & neuroscience of goal achievement. Together we are going to look at how to more effectively set goals, sustain motivation & reach even the biggest goals. There will be some surprises! Many of the tactics & strategies we have been taught are NOT effective for reaching our goals & can even sabotage our success. This is both an inspiring & educational workshop for your team or ERG group. It is wonderful for a New Year’s event or any time your team needs to re-focus on their goals.

Your team will learn

  1. The role our biology plays in goal achievement & how we can work with our biology instead of against it
  2. The two parts of goal achievement & how they require different processes to achieve success
  3. 10 powerful steps to more effective goal achievement



(around productivity)

  • The Power of Focus – a beginners guide to mindfulness & attention training
  • The Science of Well-Being – why traditional “self-care” isn’t enough & the six pillars required for optimal performance
  • Energy Management is the New Time Management – how to build capacity for pressure & better manage your workload 
We can also customize a talk or workshop for your needs!



(around productivity)

  • Wellness Retreat (in-person or virtual) – a 3-6 hour customized training program focused on the tools for optimal performance
  • The Productivity Toolkit (virtual) – a 12-week facilitated program for teams (90 min. facilitated session every other week with private podcast support in between sessions)
  • Private Podcast Courses (coming soon) – give your team a private podcast course they can access from their phones
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check Sonya's availability by filling out the form below

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